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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Severe Weather Alerts-Tornadoes 2012

Map of tornado locations during 2012 (so far)

Map of 2012 tornadoes through 3/18
(I hope to keep this updated throughout the year)
The number of tornadoes during 2012 is continuing to increase, and is increasing rapidly as of the middle of March as the U.S. is experiencing a very warm early Spring. We have had an incredible number of tornadoes and severe weather, so very early in the season, while the peak number of tornadoes will not occur until June. The tornado statistics are listed below.

How many tornadoes in 2012?

Jan (97)
Feb (63)
Mar (152) so far…

Number of Tornadoes during the past 3 years

Jan – Mar
2010 (79)
2011 (166)
2012 (312) so far…

3/18/2012 -- Tornado watches , hail detected = South and Midwest --- BE ALERT !

Uploaded by  on Mar 18, 2012
It begins ... the time for "awareness" of the threat for severe weather is over.. the time to be ALERT is now here! the next low pressure system (that was coming ashore on the west coast this past several days)... is now finally pressing eastward through the USA.

As it moves southeast towards Texas.. then eventually northeast towards the east coast USA ---- severe weather, damaging winds, hail, and possible tornadoes will develop out in front of this system.

Currently, we see tornado watches issued by the National Weather Service -- for areas in North Central Texas.. and Central Western Oklahoma. These "watches" can turn to "warnings" very quickly at a moments notice.. thats when people on the ground need to seek physical shelter .

Expect these severe watch / warning areas to expand over the next few hours (and days ultimately).

Use the links I have assembled to monitor this severe outbreak for your particular area...


Uploader Comments (dutchsinse)

  • TORNADO WARNINGS ISSUED : stonewall county in Texas.. heading east northeast towards Vernon TX (west of wichita falls TX).... also another severe cell north in W. Oklahoma .. heading east northeast towards Weatherford OK.. (west of oklahoma city OK)....
    Be alert if you live in the area.. these are popping up quickly.. at its about 530pm CST .. so we're heading into the night.. if it doesn't die down after sunset.. we're looking at NIGHTTIME tornado outbreaks .. BE READY JUST IN CASE!
  • thank you - everything seems wrong for this time of year? or is it just me....
  • @StopListenThink its been a full winter of severe weather (tornados damaging winds and hail)... every week save ONE .... literally all winter.. and really.. we're not even in full spring yet... so it is more intense.. and YESTERDAY -- the NWS didn't issue hardly ANY alerts/watches for that weather in the midwest... for instance.. Saint louis .. they said it didn't meet severe criteria !!!! LOL... they need to change the criteria BACK to what it used to be .... its fukushima EPA all over again!
  • @dutchsinse After fukushima meltdown in Japan.. they CHANGED the alert levels to be HIGHER than previous levels... then they came out and said we were BELOW alert levels like everything was all good !!
    In essence they moved the goal posts mid game.. but this is NOT a game.. this is OUR LIVES that are on the line.
    NWS changes criteria then a severe storm becomes a regular one.. and a MEGA severe storm becomes a "regular severe storm" and tornadoes don't get reported = HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE DEAD!

Top Comments

  • Thanks so much for your work Dutchsinse. Who need the Weather Channel? You're so much more accurate.
see all

All Comments (31)

  • @dutchsinse is toronto okay tonight?
  • 6:07pm cst, N. Alabama: weather good but seeing weird signature on Intellicast. And I have a headache, go figure!
  • this looks like a mess....ppl watch out!!
  • We had some gnarly dark clouds in Southern Nevada too...
  • We just had our first high winds here in Oregon in over a week with a blizzard which has already blown over. This usually feeds whatever is going on so I can image what the rest of the country has coming...
  • just started hailing in central cali tulare area
  • @StopListenThink It's not you, here in south eastern Michigan we are 3 months ahead with these warm temps. It is in the low to mid 70s when it should be low to mid 40s this time of year!
  • @drumswithfist Redondo Beach extremely windy and rained ALOT during the night. EEPS! 
  • 2 days ago in San Diego it was in the 70s - now it's blowing, raining & BB sized hail. Not terribly severe, but the first real weather we've had in months

Do you see a trend?

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