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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mystery Rumblings Wisconsin - Yellowstone MegaVolcano

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Clintonville Wisconsin -- be sure to search the terms ... "marathon wisconsin volcano" ... "caldron reservoir" .. and "lake superior volcanic" . The nuclear power plant to the east is called the Kewaunee plant .. all these sites have ONE thing in common... deep earth shafts... pumped or filled full of water.... add in craton/plate pressure and a bit of deep earth magma surge underneath the plate as it gets pushed by the Pacific unrest... and you get underground explosions in Wisconsin near a dormant volcanic site.

Dormant Volcano, Fracking , or Nuclear plant !!! JUST LIKE ALL THE REST .. we see within about 20 miles or less... remember GEORGIA??? Just a few months ago? strange "explosion" reports coming out of the ground... REMEMBER WHAT I FOUND ?!!! here it is again in case you didnt see , or in case you forgot !

Georgia had reports of the SAME kind of activity just a few month ago in Nov. 2011 .. turns out .. VULCAN MINING COMPANY was mining Georgia's Pigeon Mountain dormant/extinct volcano just 19 miles WEST of the town that was reporting the ground explosions. YOU MUST READ THE ABOVE GEORGIA ARTICLE if you're going to understand whats going on in Wisconsin.

Coordinates of Clintonville WI to view on google earth: 44°37'40.01"N , 88°45'24.44"W

Marathon County volcanic chain is just one county west .. 20 miles approx.

check out several of these MSM reports over on Sheilaaliens page : thanks for covering this sheila !!!!! or on her website ..


The yellowstone charts can be viewed here:


Mystery booms can EASILY be solved if you take these other videos below into account... links to each are here:

All of my previous dormant volcano videos:

All of my previous midwest/west coast/ east coast/south usa plume events:

All of my previous videos on Nuclear Facility earthquakes:

All of my previous posts on the north american Craton pressure:

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Friday, July 22, 2011

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