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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Enormous ConeHeads Paracas Peru

The Paracas skulls are unique. They have specific features, such as two small holes in the back of the skulls that are not present on normal human skulls. These physical features indicate that these skulls were elongated at birth. The question remains then, where did the genetic code for these skulls originate, or, are they really human skulls at all?

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Uploader Comments ( brienfoerster )

  • I bet they had the most beautiful, big eyes!
  • Thanks.
  • Absolutely marvelous Brien and you would think that there were enough interested scientist types to have at least some of the questions and parallels touched upon. For me the primary questions are the teeth and plates i.e why do they have wisdom teeth missing ? & are they born with all three tooth types in their mouths (examples of a full set from more than 1 skull would help).
    Keep up the important work, nice vid...
  • Thanks for that. The quality of the vid is low because the internet in Peru is crappy.
  • Still waiting for DNA results. That will be the only thing that makes the academics wake up. What is the status of that research?
  • Very slow, unless you and others care to pay for it to be frank. It is very expensive.
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  • With all the trepanation being done on these 'royal' beings, and with the sturdiness of their bone structure, I am inclined to believe they either fell off of the stonework too often or they fought with each other a great deal. A culture of thugs would quickly evolve sturdy bodies.
    ...or perhaps an environment with greater gravity found on the other side of the Amaru Muru door.
    In any case, they'd scare the sh*t out of the laymen and get them working hassle-free.
    Skulls rock! Thanks Brien!
  • That's a very nice comparison, sir. Truly one of my favorite question marks.
    I'm gaining more respect for my elders?
    lol.. lame attempt at humor, I know.. but I'll take it.
  • incredible, i have to admit, that skull gives me the spooks.
  • when will the event be disclosed, thanks
UPDATE Just in from Brien Foerster in Facebook:

An anonymous donor from Australia has just pledged 600 US for a single Carbon 14 test of one of the Paracas Elongated Skulls. These skulls have NEVER been Carbon 14 tested before. Any other takers?


Mar 08, 2011
Many strangely "deformed" hominoid skulls have been discovered in Mexico and Peru. Other such skulls have been found around the globe, but this is the first time that the diversity of skulls within a small area (in this case the ...

The eye sockets are larger than the average human

Worldwide Phenomena

Today about one dozen skulls can be viewed at the Paracas History Museum, which features artifacts from Inca and pre-Inca cultures. Until the elongated skulls of Paracas are more intensely researched, their origin and development will remain unexplained. Brien Foerster has taken samples from some of the skulls to try to gain more insight into their origin.
Were people really born with these massive heads?
The elongated skulls of Paracas were not the only strange skulls that have been discovered. Elongated heads were part of ancient Egyptian culture. The Olmecs of Mexico and ancient peoples of the Mediterranean and Melanesia were also thought to have these larger skulls, although they were not necessarily as large as the Paracas samples. It appears that theses other skulls were elongated artificially.

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Uploader Comments ( brienfoerster )

  • Thanks for the information and your wisdom; can you tell me more so that I know the truth please?
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All Comments (2)

  • Ancestors did not call this place Aramu Muru, Aramu Muru was a name invented in 1992 to erase the bad name of Evil's Door as the locals were calling. And the name in that will be in our ancestors language will be Ajayu Marka, Willka Uta or Inti Punku. We see that your guides were not the appropriate.

Contributing sources:
Ancient Aliens?

Fossil Men and Their Modern Representatives: An Attempt to Illustrate the Characters and Condition of Pre-Historic Men in Europe, by Those of the American Races [1888] by Sir John William Dawson (Paperback - Dec 15, 2009)

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Excerpt - Page 183: "... as were also the elongated Peru- vian skulls, and perhaps also ..." See a random page in this book.
Product Details

Fusang, Or, The Discovery of America by Chinese Buddhist Priests in the Fifth Century by Charles Godfrey Leland (Paperback - Mar 10, 2009)

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Excerpt – "... whereas, in the elongated Peru. visa skull, unaltered by ..." Read More
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Fusang or the Discovery of America by Chinese Buddhist Priests in the Fifth Century by Charles Godfrey Leland (Paperback - Jan 30, 2001)

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Excerpt – "... whereas, in the elongated Peru- vian skull, unaltered by ..." Read More
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Fossil Men and Their Modern Representatives by John William Dawson (Paperback - Aug 13, 2008)

Buy new: $26.99

Get it by Monday, Apr 2 if you order in the next 13 hours and choose one-day shipping.

Excerpt - Page 183: "... as were also the elongated Peru. visa skulls, and perhaps also ..." See a random page in this book.

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  1. Anonymous11:16 AM

    This is due to "binding" the skull's of young children (like japanese foot binding)after time this elongates the skull creating this "conehead condition....this has been known for a very long time.. no mystery here!!!! but it does sell book's to ignorant folks and a lot of money for some SCUMBAG'S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Anonymous12:04 PM

      Skull boarding would NOT account for the increased cranial capacity (1500 CCs over the human norm of 1200 CCs... nor would it account for the single parietal bone rather than two that humans have. You will have to present a more reasoned argument than you have.

  2. Anonymous11:18 AM

    censor much here...we'll see !!!!

  3. Yes, most of the skulls are the results of binding, most likely because the people thought it would make them like the ancient 'gods' that had come to their territory and taught them astronomy, agriculture and some technology more advanced than they had. The larger, older skulls have different sutures than normal human skulls! Only ONE parietal bone - normal human skulls have TWO parietal bones. The eye sockets are much larger, and shaped more square. And these larger skulls had remains of RED HAIR - the Incas did not! Did you watch the video and see all that? Brien Foerster has a lot of videos out with amazing shots of construction of higher technology than the later Incan construction. Truly mysterious. Take a look at his other videos which you can reach through the above videos.

  4. Anonymous1:30 PM

    I would suggest that some clay modelling, such as Police forensic experts can do, be applied to the skull so that a 'face' can be built up! Then everyone would have an opportunity to see (as closely as this technique could show at least) what these people actually looked like! And are they perhaps the giants/Nephilim as mentioned in the book of Genesis, where it plainly states that 'there were giants on the earth in those days' - who took wives of mankind and interbred with them. It is suggested in the Bible that Goliath was one of the Nephilim - and he had brothers also! Very interesting!!!!

    1. Anonymous1:52 PM

      I had that same idea, but then realized that the forensic experts who do such reconstructions base their work on HUMAN data. The thickness of muscle, sinew, and skin over a skull is well known in humans, but when dealing with a different (and possibly alien) species, all such work would be conjecture... there is simply no data from which to build such a model. Good idea, though...even an approximate conjectured model might be interesting to see, even if based purely on human data.

  5. Anonymous12:02 PM

    These skulls are probably the remains of lower-echelon Anunnaki, the workers and soldiers of the Anunnaki who were here thousands of years ago. Zecharia Sitchin wrote about them, including their worldwide extent from Sumer to Africa to the Americas. The skulls are obviously a different species, and Brien's explanation of these anatomical differences are evidence of that. We simply do not have genetic anomalies that could account for a single parietal bone rather than two; a human child with one parietal bone would die soon after birth from the growing brain pressing against a skull that will not "give" as it does in humans. Those sutures he points out do not fuse together until brain growth stops, usually around age 18-20. The Anunnaki imposed their genetic code on a pre-existing hominid here on Earth (homo habilis or homo erectus) and so we have the genetic traits of both that original primate AND the Anunnaki. Fascinating!

  6. Anonymous7:19 AM

    I think the thing that is being overlooked here are the two small holes in the back of the skulls. These look like framenal openings where nerves go through the skull to other areas exterior the scalp which normal human skulls do not have. If you look at a normal human jaw area you will see this same type of hole which the trigyminal nerve passes through which gives sensory and motion to the side of the face.

    With that being said the skull could not be the result of "skull binding" because you cannot create nerves by binding a skull. In this case the skull is natural and has an addtional nerve supply based on the two foraminal openings in the occipital area of the skull. YOU CANNOT MAKE EXTRA NERVES BY BINDING THE SKULL! THIS IS NATURAL!

    I highly emphasize an MRI and CT of these which would make the case definitive and remove all speculation. Get the MRI's and CT and have the radiologist read it comparintg it to normal human skulls and the case will be closed.

    I have yet to see anyone do that. Get rid of the speculation and get the scans then the case will be closed.


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