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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

NASA Doomsday Info 2012-Pole Shift


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    I believe something big is on its way, but I do not believe what this video states, Science states and has no evidence that any sort of energy emits from a black hole. However I still believe the Maya knew something
  • Well to start off I have to correct you - instead of 'when this alignement happens, Earth will be bombarded...' you should say 'when this alignement happens, WE THINK Earth will be bombarded...' What you are saying is only a wild guess. Second - this alignement already happened in 1824 and fuck all happened. Stop believing the crap you google up.
    I read that on December 21, 2012 we are going to spontaneously evolve into more advance life forms of light or energy and will have super advanced powers like being able to fly, cross into other dimensions, travel in time, and so idea if it is true, but I think I will believe in it instead of all the doom and gloom predictions.

    Inconvenient truths:
    4 sane scientists, an alignment is a meanngless novelty. Ther is no rationl reason that the things aligned r affected in any way.
    But it gets mor hillarious: Sag A (which is agreed is th center of the galaxy and locatd at 29deg S and 17hr 46min RA) will not b aligned that day or any other day. It will actually b closest aprox 4 days earlier!!On 21st it will b about 7deg off--not even close.
    We passed thru gal plane 3 mil yrs ago- will not again 4 millions of yrs.

    You lost all credibility when you started in with the misquoted bible verses.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous8:56 AM

    I consider that it's not so as important as which factor will cause the end to all things as we know it ... than the fact that things as we know it will definitely come to an end .... and that the signs of this process have awaken all around us ...

    But I also consider that in many records of many different sources ... a plan that was laid in place to save humanity, is also in process ...

    So if we can believe in the end of all things ... why is it so hard to believe in a master-mind salvation plan .....

    And if we take this plan out of it's primordial mind-set of metaphor ... we can see that the Divine CREATOR has put in place God/technology of the physical sense to deal with a physical world …

    Christ ... Being a manually operating “Primary satellite catalyst converter of high frequency radius of the Positive ions via it’s static saturate transmitter” …

    Is that primary power source abstracting energy from the righteous sun … and feeding ions to a specific count of other manually operating receivers and transmitters … all feeding their ions into individual pyramid power sources also wakening for a frequency acceleration process as to shift a people into an alternant safety zone … where from that safety zone all can be taken off this earth core before the big bang of new creation …


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