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Friday, March 23, 2012

The storm is ON THE MOVE -- severe thunderstorm warnings popping up throughout the entire 
state of Illinois -- damaging winds, hail and possible tornadoes in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, 
Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North, and South Carolina.

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Here in Missouri I can hear the thunder , but these cells are just to the east of my location.. heading east north east from MO. into Illinois/Indiana.

Use the links below to monitor severe weather.. ALWAYS PAY HEED TO ANY WARNING ISSUED FOR YOUR AREA!

Have a severe weather plan ready just in case.






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Mar 12, 2012
“As above, so below ” sums up the cosmic nature of this regularly occurring cycle as it serves to greatly “accelerate epochal transformation”. The resulting process of ... By way of illustration, wasn't 911 a microcosmic convergence that has had, and will continue to have, quite weighty and far-reaching ramifications up to this very day and way beyond?! In that single event we can ..... to Come-Fox Warning? Earth MATRIX from the 188 DAY CYCLE of MEGA-QUAKES.

Videos of tornado warnings today

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