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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3/20/2012 Be ALERT Global earthquake activity

Krsanna via 
4:35 PM (4 hours ago)
to earthtimes
Large quakes in Mexico (7.4 magnitude) immediately following on in Papua, Indonesia (6.2 magnitude)
cut across THREE different maps TimeStar used to project areas of high quake activity in the Pacific for 
March 2012.  The quake in Mexico was in the TimeStar facet for March and due north of a crop circle made
in Mexico on March 20, 2011, one early earlier to the day!  This crop circle was used to draw a triangle in 
which TimeStar forecasts an island is rising in the area of old Lemuria.  The Papua, Indonesia quake 
(6.2 magnitude) that preceded the larger quake in Mexico was in two triangles identified with crop circle
 AND very large quakes in Japan, Chile and Indonesia.  

Dutchsinse reports on the large quakes at the link  beneath the maps.  ~  Best regards, Krsanna

The triangle (below) drawn from crop circles is described at
The quake in Mexico on March is just below (south) of the red line between Hawaii and the Caribbean, within the TimeStar facet outlined in red.  It is virtually in direct line with a crop circle made on the same day one year earlier, on March 20, 2011. 
Description: cid:image003.jpg@01CD06A5.C82D60C0

Description: Description: YouTube
 just uploaded a video:
Description: Description:
This is a time to be alert and prepared for eventual sizable compensation movement as a result of this large central america earthquake ... already , we see the movement in south california (a series of 4.0M) and a 6.2M in the west pacific (indonesia).

Be aware that further movement WILL OCCUR as a result of this Mexico earthquake.

New Madrid Seismic Zone, Puerto Rico, South California, Central California, off the coast of Oregon, north to Vancouver Island BC... be prepared just in case !

Website post with links and the screenshots of these events:


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