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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

DNA Evidence Can Now Prove Fukushima Radiation Cancer

DNA Evidence Can Now Prove Link Between Cancers And Fukushima Radiation

What if there was a way to establish a direct and provable in court link between cancer and Fukushima radiation? 

In recent history, justice has been served by bringing DNA evidence into the courtroom around murders and other violent acts that result in death or injury. DNA evidence is now a well established science that provides evidence of a crime. 

DNA evidence is worth much more than even eyewitness testimony. DNA technology has been advancing constantly, so that less and less DNA to establish a 'profile'. Nowadays, all it takes to make a court case and have enough DNA evidence, is just 3 or 4 cells. 

DNA evidence can also exonerate the innocent, as shown in the following video..

The crimes of genocide have been committed. Chernobyl has directly caused over 1 million deaths already. 

Thousands of victims have already been claimed due to Fukushima radiation. 

But at least now there is a chance that justice can be sought and found, if not by the victims, then by the relatives and family of the deceased. All that is needed is a tissue bank, as was established after Chernobyl. 

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