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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pepsi's Double-talk Gobbledegook

Pepsi Denies Using Aborted Fetal Cells for Flavor Testing
PepsiCo has come under fire from pro-life advocates because it has been contracting with a research firm that uses fetal cells from babies victimized by abortions to test and produce artificial flavor enhancers. Not that it is denying those allegations.

In an article to media outlets like LifeNews that are writing about pro-life advocates complaining about the testing, Jeff Dahncke, the Senior Director for Communications for PepsiCo writes: .

LifeNews contacted Debi Vinnedge, Executive Director of Children of God for Life, the organization that exposed the PepsiCo- Senomyx collaboration last year, for a response.
"Pepsi is in panic mode it seems," she said. "They have been contacting media outlets telling them that they are not funding any research using cells or tissues from embryos or aborted fetuses, however this is pure deception on their part."
"The HEK-293 was indeed produced from the kidneys of an aborted fetus in the 1970s.  From that tissue, they will produce what is known as a "cell line" by culturing the cells in a petri dish in the lab," she explained. "Those cells are then subsequently frozen, patented and then made available for researchers through organizations such as the NIH, American Type Cell Culture, Coriell Labs, etc who sell these cell lines to researchers.  So when Pepsi says they are not taking the cells from a fetus or embryo, what they really mean is they are taking them from the lab."
"Were it not true that Pepsi is funding this research to the tune of $30 million paid up front plus royalties to Senomyx in the future, you can be assured they would have asked for a swift dismissal of the shareholder resolution filed with the SEC in a quick paragraph," Vinnedge continued. "Instead, they wrote a 36 page response detailing previous exclusions by the SEC on other companies that also use aborted fetal or embryonic material such as Pfizer, GE and Merck."
Vinnedge says the PepsiCo response saying that no cells from aborted babies are in any of its products is coming in response to people who never asked about whether such cells were in the products in the first place.
The responses from Pepsi come on the heels of the Obama administration facing criticism because an agency (SEC) has declared that Pepsi's use of the company and its controversial flavor testing process constitutes "ordinary business."
Has anyone else besides me noticed how Pepsi changed its LOGO to something similar to Obama's logo when he started campaigning in 2008?  To me it was obvious. 

No coincidences!

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Pepsi's Bizarro World

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