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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dark-Side Cosmic Burst & ANOTHER CME ON ITS WAY [March 14, 2012]

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  • This happens even with very small CMEs.
    But with the number of continuous events the build up has been more pronounced then most are used to seeing.
    Most have only been looking at the sun for a while.
    This happens during every solar maximum .
    All that said, This is a bit sooner than expected for this cycle .
  • @Causic1 my friend, that does not explain the cosmic ray flux, the solar wind speed spike, AT THE SAME TIME.
  • Does the magnetopause flip as earth's footprint passes over the coronal hole stream? Because 2007rgallo's inhalation theory is exactly what I was thinking, I'ts not a push from behind us, rather it's us passing into a 'Reverse wind stream', a solar pull, explaining the cool coronal holes. A circulatory system, my completely wild speculation.
  • @m00nface the coronal hole pushes the other way. It sends out a superfast solar wind - which will hit us in the next few days, maybe tomorrow at the earliest.
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  • Could almost make a person believe the binary system theories?
  • RE: "I still dont think I have enough info to go forward, but I will try." Ask some good questions. Stop ignoring this: v=BZWSr99VGcU
  • @patternsinchaos What caused the cosmic rays and solar wind to spike at that same time? This is a good hint, I have no concept of hyper-anything however. Totally lost there, time to read
  • @Causic1 Indeed. Dynamics of multiple events interacting and the extreme fluctuation- going from weak to strong solar activity in such a small time-span could account for this phenomena. Dig deeper into the nature of matter as the timing of these events as they happen hyper-symmetrically with Earth changes. Then better understand what the Sun really is. You can't treat the Sun and the Earth as separate objects. It's better to think of the Sun as a hyper-time-integrated shadow of Earth.
  • @m00nface nice thinking o.s.t.b
  • If you have seen some of the LASCO shots from months past that clearly illustrated CME type activity on the outer edges of the image you would see that this activity which is not coming from the sun has been there for quite some time. Things seem to be coming to a head up there and down here. Keep up the good work and let us know what you find. How much have you looked into the Supergiants and the respective position of the sun currently? There is a lot of big stuff up there...
  • The Galactic superwave?
  • Thanks for the info

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