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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sulfur Smell-New Madrid Fault Region

Over the past year or so, there have been several reports of people in towns in Arkansas and Missouri, near the New Madrid fault region, that are smelling a foul odor in the air. Some compare it to dead animals or bodies, and some to sulfur.

These reports have been increasing over the last few months, and people reported noticing the smell before a recent earthquake in the region, in Missouri.

The smell of sulfur would indicate that the volcanoes in the region are beginning to activate, and that the water in-flow from the affected North American plate area (along with the pressure from the Caribbean plate), due to the destabilizing of the Gulf of Mexico sea bed, is now near to completion.

This combined with the flooding of the New Madrid rift area (which happened with the great floods earlier in the region), means that the magma chamber can now move and begin to force its way up, as the Gulf of Mexico sea floor begins to collapse, and that the necessary destabilizing of the fault area has occurred (best way to cause a quake is to flood a fault). The pressure would be actually placed also in areas like Atlantic coast and Kansas-Oklahoma for example.

Around the time of the 1811-12 New Madrid earthquakes, people in the area where the quakes occurred, noted the smell of sulfur, and especially after thequakes hit, many eyewitness accounts described a stench of sulfur in the air. This was due to the releasing of fumes from the magma chamber, up through cracks, with the pressure pushing it from the eruption sequence.

These smells are near to the area where some of the mass bird die offs recently happened in Arkansas as well.

The sulfur smell is a bad sign. It has probably taken this long just for the underground rift to flood with sea water. The fault line river areas were also already bombed and filled with river water as well, thanks to the corps of engineers.

So, the only thing missing now would be a trigger. If a trigger comes, then there will be an eruption of the fault line, which could also allow for the Gulf of Mexico sea floor to collapse and sink, thus lowering the sea level of the New Madrid fault region. This would cause massive flooding, which would also include tsunamis caused by the enormous earthquakes that would occur.

It may not be imminent, as sulfur smells were reported in the region quite awhile before the first quake in 1811. However, since the sulfur smells have now been reported for quite awhile in the current time, and since the reports of sulfur smells increased before the recent earthquake in Missouri - this would seem to imply that a quake is near. With the recent Missouri quake perhaps even being a fore quake.

On February 17, 2012 This was posted on a blog. The title read: Sulfur smell once again in Northeast Arkansas, no rain

A few weeks ago after a hard rain this area had an overwhelming sulfur smell, today (no bad weather) the overpowering smell is throughout the whole town.
Heads up, this happened before massive New Madrid earthquake. And strange activity there?

A few other people posted that they lived in the area also smelled sulfur. Some indicated that it smelled like dead animals. You can read here 

Ultima_Thule  Wrote:
You don't need rain for sulfur smell. There are natural springs that put out sulfur water that reeks of sulfur smell. Old timers used to drink it a cure all.

There is actually a small town in Alabama named Sulphur Springs because it has many springs that produce that type of water.

The smell that people are picking up in Arkansas is probably related to natural waterways.

That explanation sound like a government official way of explaining way 5000 black birds died, and 1000's of fish found dead near all the earthquakes in Arkansas. This happen January 2011. Fire works scared the birds and a Bactria killed the fish. The birds died from fire works on New Year, but not on 4 of July. I guess Charlie the tuna vaccinated the rest the fish and cured the Bactria.

If there was a surfer springs around them they would know it. A sulfur spring smells all the time, not just ones in a blue moon. Most sulfur springs are way below ground. This is not a normal smell believe me I have smelled sulfur from wells in the ground, but none above ground. Earthquakes will cause sulfur to rise through cracks in the ground when the earth is moving without you knowing it..


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  1. Please check out my youtube video here

    1. Fascinating video - about much more than the title implies. I will feature it in an upcoming Global Rumblings blog post. Thanks!

  2. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Oh my God, I thought Sulfer smelled like that black stuff people put on the streets.

  3. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Its funny, before I saw this tonight I looked outside and thought the air seems poisonous or sulphurous,-in England nowhere near sulphur springs, but in a damp area, it definately is some connection with what is going on overseas as well as polution. The sky looks very different to a year ago and looking up can see a curve view as if i were on top of the world before was a linear view , time seems to go much faster, and Im sure this due to pole shift.


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