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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Calm Treatise on Wild Solar Observer Dance

Published on Apr 18, 2012 by 
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  • very educational and interesting you guys doing this are giving people a lot of info the media doesn't give thanks for all your hard work regards :)
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  • Thank you for being such a classy person...I value all you do very much, just hearing your voice, your calm, dry humor, helps keep me balanced in the things that I am doing for the cause. With all the hysteria, all the drama, misinformation, it is such a comfort to know I can come to you at the end of the day, and know that I am informed as I need to be. Thank you, very, very much for doing this, it is very self-less, and a motivation to me.
  • Thank you very much Mr. C for all your hard work and for informing the people.
  • If memory serves me right, the satellite does a 360' (full circle) spin to recalibrate the cameras. The rocking is something else entirely!
  • GoD bless you mr.C
  • @MrCometwatch That radio guy even brought up Dutchsince's name at the beginning of the show. It was bad enough the way he was putting you down. I couldn't figure out why he would even mention Dutch's name, since the radio show didn't involve Dutch in any way....And he thinks y'all are unprofessional?????!!!!!!!! I laugh is his general direction.
  • The satellite was executing calibration maneuvers earlier today. It caused the sun to bounce all around the frames of the camera(s). Theyre centered again now though :)
  • Common sense is a Powerful Tool...keep up the good work Mr. C
  • Dutch is under fire alot and has to watch his back, dont take it to heart!! Keep up the good work!!!
  • Did you see not long ago California, Alaska and Hawaii all had small earthquakes around the same time.
    What is interesting all three areas form a triangle.
  • Mr. C. I respect your detailed analysis of the sun, the oil spills and every topic you choose to post about, as well as Dutch. Strange times we are living in.May you and your family be blessed.As for the rest of you. Just think about it, the sun is off by about 9 degrees in the sky, earthquakes are ramping up in frequency and intensity, volcano's that have been dormant are coming to life, all you see in the sky is chemtrails. The news only reports celebrities activities. WAKE UP SLEEPERS !!!!

2 hours ago
The title is a tongue in cheek reference to what we are seeing on the SDO (solar dynamics observatory) download the most recent 48 hour images/movie here: or search the date : 2012-04-16 to ...

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