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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Timewave Zero Update - 4/4/2012 (Big Changes To Begin After 4/11/2012)

Published on Apr 4, 2012 by 
Credits to Terence McKenna for his Timewave Zero application. R.I.P. my friend!
Timewave Application:
  • Dude you nailed the day exactly. Two 8.0+ quakes in one day? Ummm there is no record of this ever happening... Well done
  • Thanks
  • Correct me if I am mistaken, but doesn't a 'fall' in the graph represent a releasing of novelty? Dec 21 2012 being a point at which novelty is below the threshold? Just making sure that we are seeing the same thing
  • Represents a release but the highest chance for change.

Top Comments

  • 4/11/12 8.7 magnitude earthquake Sumatra
    • This should be one of the highest-rated comments.
    • This is awesome. Just recently I was contemplating the the big 2012 changes and predicted that April would begin laying the groundwork for the /real/ changes. This is very exciting. Can't wait for it all to unfold. =]
    • On top of the 2 in Indonesia (in the 8's) there was just 6.0 of Oregon coast and 7.0 Mexico. The LISS (live internet siesmic server) is totally black, every monitor around the it and see what I am talking about. Danny, this time wave is very "on" point.
    • @5T4RSCREAM233 Two 8.0+ a 6.0, a 7.0 , and dozens of 5.0+ ... Excellent work.....
    • Two 8.0+ a 6.0, a 7.0 , and dozens of 5.0+ 
    • Brilliant!
    • go figure, you said april 11th things would go down as far as change.. and a 8.7 quake and lots more aftershocks.. I like your vids.. keep up the work.
    • Just found out about it. It already begun.
    • I was just saying to my partner...I think yesterday. Not much has happened yet and it has been a relatively quiet 2012. Then I came up on this video. So I guess we will see now. ET's are preparing to come the Mayans say. We will need all the help we can get as a human race.




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