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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dutchsinse puts it together-Six Lg Quakes in 24 Hrs.

Published on Apr 11, 2012 by 
Today, April 11 2012 , earthquakes take front and center again... POSSIBLY THREE 8.0 magnitude + earthquakes in Sumatra ... 8.9M , 8.7M, 8.2M, plus a 6.0M. We also saw a 7.0M occur off the west coast of Mexico (now downgraded to a 6.5)...... we ALSO saw a 6.0 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Oregon (in the fresh lava fields out to sea).

All together its a HUGE amount of movement to occur globally in less than one single day.

Less than 24 hours --- 6 LARGE earthquakes around the world.

Full website post with the USGS stats for each earthquake:




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4.3 Utah, 4.5 Gulf of Maine, 5.1 Hudson Bay Ontario...

  • 4.5 earthquake near Nova Scotia, it's in the water, weird never saw any there...
  • As many red lines are on the usgs page, rsoe edis is listing even bigger eq's. I often wonder if the usgs isn't trying to head off panic, especially in ca. also, there is a listing off the OR coast of a 6.2 at globalincident. Whole lot of shaking going on.
  • Good point. I don't even know how safe NORAD would be if all happens as predicted by our ancestors.
  • @ThothsQuill We had a quite a day of cluster quakes by Mnt Hood the other day... Precursor? No one has linked anything yet between the Volcanoe activity and today's quakes.
    • What a strange trip today has been. Have you seen the footage of the 3-4 feet of hail in Texas today? Whew!
    • 43° 4'34.71"N 92°48'30.99"E  haarp in china ?
      • yeap agreed...but u have to know the more trolls u get the more spot on ur info is...comes with the territory...dutchy can handle these wackjobs...u gotta be a complete drooling fool not to see somethings wrong with the earth right now...i have my theorys but now is not the time nor the place...great job dutch
      • all the more reason to have a supply of food , water, self defense means, and a shelter of SOME kind.. i'd be scared of caves or going anywhere underground.. keep the food and other stuff in a shelter that is easily diggable or hidden on the surface very well.. same with a shelter.. unless youre worried about roving hoards or surface blasts.. then underground might be a good idea.
        as most know from when I was going to be on the TV show.. bunkers are TOO EXPENSIVE caves = too dangerous
      • @stabg289 Place by airport out in china ? Why post ? Is that knowledge of something ?
      • mesnur is right again...unreal...just unreal we have NEVER seen a day like this before....and its gonna get worse....expect another m8+ this week!!!!
      • Think 
      • if they are stocking food in Indiana they must not think Indiana is going to have a big eq cause how would they get to their stockpiles of food. interesting.. maybe we can learn from that.
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