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Monday, April 02, 2012

Fukushima Fallout now 10 times higher than last September

Monday, 02 April 2012 08:48:38
Swedish Scientist Warns of Fukushima Fallout All Over Northern Hemisphere
Friday, 18 March 2011 13:39
Hamsayeh.Net - Deadly radiation from crippled Japanese nuclear power plant at Fukushima has now reached western coasts of United States and Canada. Low levels of radioactive fallout have been reported on the western parts of North America by government and independent stations.
Meanwhile top Swedish nuclear monitoring body, the Swedish Defense Research Institute warned yesterday, in spite of rosy pictures being constantly pained by the Japanese government, radioactive fallouts from Fukushima would cover all of northern hemisphere in due time.
‘Lars-Erik De Geer, research director at the Swedish Defense Research Institute, a government agency, was citing data from a network of international monitoring stations established to detect signs of any nuclear weapons tests,’ Reuters reported from Sweden.
Governments around the world criticized Tokyo for downplaying dangers posed by crippled nuclear power complex. China has called on Japan to give more precise and timely information on this issue. However, it seems the Government in Tokyo is trying to calm financial markets by underreporting events of Fukushima crisis.
Meanwhile around western coasts of Canada and USA, people maybe readying to move further east in order to avoid exposures to dangerous radiation from plutonium fuel meltdown at Fukushima plant. Scientists say Plutonium radioactive fallout is considered much more lethal than uranium-based radiation, in effect destroying living tissues within a short period.
Right now Japan’s Self Defense Forces pouring seawater over the site as way of averting overheating of nuclear fuels piled up around several units. Each one of those units is in fact a Chernobyl disaster waiting to happen at any moment.

Last Updated on Friday, 18 March 2011 13:46

Reading of radioactivity level in fallout by prefecture
February 2012 (Total cesium = 33,300 MBq/km2):
January 2012 (Total cesium = 19,120 MBq/km2):

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