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Friday, April 27, 2012

Severe Weather KS,MO,NE,IA,AL,GA,SC,SD,MN,ND

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Published on Apr 27, 2012 by 
If you live in (or know someone who lives in) Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Alabama, Georgia, or South Carolina .... also South Dakota, Minnesota, and North Dakota... Be alert of the possibility of severe weather... damaging winds, large hail, and possible tornadoes. The NWS has issued current watches and warnings for Tornadoes... and severe thunderstorms.

full website post here :

Center of the system is now over central Kansas -- heading east (by slightly southeast right at this moment 400pm CDT 4/27/2012).

Use the links here to monitor severe weather in your area... damaging winds can develop at a moments notice... so have a plan and be ready just in case.

  • Don't know if it's radiation or chem-trails, but I have a metallic taste in my mouth.
  • same here!!!!
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  • this puts you guys in harm's way :( to the underground kitty shelter!
  • It's suppose to get rough here in Kentucky tomorrow. Large hail, size of golf balls or larger are expected. They are watching and hoping the forecast will change :/
  • It got a bit touchy here in Topeka for a while. They blew the warning sirens but it never touched down. The weather service says it was only on radar but a relative has pictures of it right over the central part of the city. Parts of town had golf ball size hail but none at all right here where I live. Not even a huge amount of rain. It never felt like tornado weather today and after living here for 67 years I have been through a lot of them. Hi temp only reached 70 not tornado-ish at all.
  • whoops.. its govliquidation (dot) com
  • Omg it's so windy here in chilwakasburg it's like damn u right Dutch
  • Thanks for the heads up! In Omaha, NE, drove through terrible storm out of nowhere this afternoon, hail (pea and marble size), and very strong gusty winds. Looking at local radar another wave is building and will come through here later. But weather watches at all. Was somewhat concerned this afternoon about a tornadoe, temp. dropped 10 degrees in a couple of minutes. Thanks for your work, feels good to be able to trust that someone is watching out!
  • there is no such site, i wished.
  • i saw a spike on my weather channel app on my phone today. it was over goldsboro, nc at approx. 125-140pm. it picked it up on the radar but not with clouds and radar. i have a picture of it too.
  • Hey Dutch, heads up week of 5/20. Chicago red cross was sent word from secret service to prepair for evacuation of city during NATO summit, Chicago just had an exercise where helo's flew through city, G8 was moved to camp david, alex jones had a caller who said a nuke power plant was having drills with their hasmat team????? Heads Up!!!!!!!

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