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Monday, April 16, 2012

More Storms Coming-Dutchsinse Video

Published on Apr 16, 2012 by 
South USA -- Texas (south texas ).. moving northeast from Brownsville .. south of Houston out to sea... will come back ashore at some point NE of Houston.. most likely a bit west of New Orleans..... Then will be moving NE through Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South/North Carolina , and possibly the panhandle north portion of Florida.

Central USA -- midwest -- Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma border region .. damaging winds, strong cell thunderstorms popping up.. moving ENE from that tri-state border region in SW Kansas/SE Colorado/NW Oklahoma.

West Coast USA -- strong cell thunderstorms are coming ashore with the next low pressure system (our next big weather maker).




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  • This is all well and good, but with all due respect these forecasts are getting ridiculous. There are VERY localized pockets of severe weather in the lower 48, yes, but calling out a dozen states to "keep an eye on" continuously will desensitize people over time to a real threat if it emerges. With that said, I still support the work you're doing and the time and effort that goes into trying to keep people safe.
  • Semi cold air mixed with Semi hot air, = air that can blow over a semi truck
  • Interesting that nothing is showing up in Michigan. North of Detroit their are severe winds knocking down large branches of trees that are blocking some roads.
  • my bouts of VERTIGO are coming back for no apparent reason again... All Day today. St louis, MO
  • I'm 30 miles west of Bristol,TN, in VA. Wind has gotten stronger all afternoon and is whipping now. I see we are inline w/ what's coming. Thanx again for keeping us up to date!
  • yes I can see it's moving into SC. not looking forward to this. :(

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