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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Chemtrails-Synthetic Biology Connection–NWO Agenda

Written by RC Christian   
Wednesday, 01 February 2012 13:22

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Chemtrails and Synthetic Biology Connection – New World Order Agenda

Many have disregarded the subject of chemtrails and considered their occurrences as mere “jet plane exhaust” because now a serious propaganda is trying to sell you the cozy dream that ‘everything is well’ and ‘there’s nothing to be alarmed about’ and that unaccountable ‘jet plane exhaust’ plumes are magically being converted into horizon-to-horizon overcasts of “cirrus clouds.”

Apparently, they are not harmless and are indeed the toxin-laden aerosols that have been described on many different websites since 1998 and they are not being sprayed for any benign or national security purposes as the wild spread disinformation you are receiving every day is trying to convince you.

Chemtrails may contain bio-engineered RFID chips in the form of Nano-Fibres, forced trans-humanism argues apresentation given by Sofia Smallstorm.

There are many theories regarding this subject – from mind control weapons to a connection with HAARP and the link to trans-humanism, the latter being supported by many researchers.

Evidence - Chemtrail Spraying is Real

Sofia Smallstorm is elaborating on the bio-engineering connection to chemtrails and the fact that gels had reportedly rained down after chemtrail spraying.

This phenomenon is most widely reported after the Joplin Tornado catastrophe, where residents had supposedly contracted an unusual fungal infection called mucormycosis. Smallstorm says that after having these gels analyzed in a laboratory, nano fibres, crystals, red blood cells and semi conductors had been found in the samples.

Contributing Sources:

Coup Media 

Thanks to LMT, So. Florida Global Rumblings correspondent, for sending us this article.

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