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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Morgellons Disease: The Big Lie, The Ultimate Cover-up

Broadcast AUDIO and Photos

Uploaded by  on Apr 7, 2012
Host: Roxy Lopez

Guests of this evenings show:
Dr. Wil Spencer of Body Electric &
Morgellons Sufferers Melani Vritschan & Marie Palac share there truth with the world in hopes of creating awareness and exposing of the horrors of contracting Morgellons Disease.

About Dr. Spencer
"Vibrant Health is the Remedy for ALL Disease"
Revealing the corporate interests in the current state of health, health care, food and environment by following the trail of created wealth in these areas allows us a far greater flexibility in our willingness and ability to recognize the severity of betrayal. Wil Spencer, a self created Naturopath, has gained an eclectic education and a deep understanding in all areas of life and is guiding the exodus of return to Vibrant Health by all life forms via re-creating balance in nature's original design.
Contact Info :

We commend our guests for having the courage to come forward to discuss one of the most corrupt cover-ups know as Morgellons Disease

If you have questions for Marie or Melani , please write us at subject Line Show April 6th, 2012

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Global Rumblings Blogger Note:  I am a survivor of Morgellons and know it is real.  ...and horrible.

Jan 01, 2011
About ten years ago I contracted Morgellons from staying outside, looking up, photographing and videoing chemtrails for 45 minutes straight. How I regret that day. I'm not the only one that understands the connection.
Feb 03, 2012
(whats really in chemtrails), page 1 · Morgellons Disease...(whats really in chemtrails), page 1 ... * Ears become clogged due tosinus drainage * Ears develop excess ...
Feb 02, 2012
Through the years, several other webpages have taken over this webpage pointer, and now it's Jack. They don't want you to know jack, I guess. Is it TPTB's way of deflecting and ridiculing chemtrail (and Morgellons) ...

Nov 19, 2009
I've already been infected with mycoplasma in 1997 (cured by ozone therapy) and then morgellons around 2000-1 after spending time outdoors under heavy chemtrail skies. The morgellons is still with me - but mostly under ...
Feb 14, 2006
And how about the 4+ years ongoing skin problem I'm now having.. is it from a spider bite or is it Morgellons from chemtrail's. One of my doctor's does believe it's Morgellons! Bless her for not being ignorant and arrogant!
Jun 05, 2011
And mysteries there are: Cell phones and cancer. Vaccines. Autism. Morgellons. HAARP. Chemtrails. And what about Planet X? Perhaps some are paranoid. Perhaps some are not. Unanswered questions abound in our times ...
Jun 21, 2006
I have Morgellons. This works. Patented detoxing relief at last! ReplyDelete. Dee Nov 13, 2011 09:03 PM. See this also> ReplyDelete ...

May 25, 2006
Morgellons? Me? The health nut? Yes, now I can admit it.... nearly drove me crazy for several years. I bet it's more common than people think. Came on immediately after an afternoon of video'ng chemtrails !! I bought a ...
Jan 01, 2005
I'm not going to stay out there much, as I am already suffering from Morgellons from a chemtrail photo session several years ago and don't want any more of it! Yep.. just like always.. on holidays when a lot of people are ...
Jan 03, 2005
I have seen up in the sky both contrails and chemtrails at the same time.. have made thousands of pictures including video's and have contracted Morgellons from one afternoon's worth of video'ing. It's a long story. Check out ...
Jul 08, 2009
I have my Morgellons under control, but am not yet totally free. Am determined ... Comparative Study Of Morgellons Fibers With Money Fibers (pdf) ... Chemtrails & Morgellons Disease? ... Chemtrails, Nanotech and Morgellons ...
Mar 06, 2011
Hair-raising interview with AC Griffith, discussing the covert aerosol program popularly known as "chemtrails." He says it is being run out of... by Dee at 12:24 AM. Labels: black ops, chemical warfare, chemtrails, morgellons ...

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