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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dolphins are losing their direction! Planet is out of whack. Magnetic change happening

Published on Apr 22, 2012 by 
They use electro magnetics or frequencies in our field to know where to travel. Such as the Bee's do. But now, both of these creatures are losing their direction. So are many, many other creatures of the water and land.

  • Did anybody something the positive in this? Humanity stepped in to help save the dolphins.
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  • Look at those beautiful people helping those misdirected dolphins. How cool is THAT!
  • damn! my dream is to know the dolpin steak taste! mmmmmmmmmm... dooooolphin...
  • You don't make sense. Dolphins are very smart. If they wanted to commit suicide they would turn around and go back to the shore to finish what they started. Instead they swam away happy! Thanks to all the beautiful souls who saved their lives.
  • I thought it said that Dolphins were losing their erections! haha! I was about to recommend Maca!
  • I know its rough but it is pole shift that causes animals to lose track. A natural occurring phenom. We are in for a wild ride no matter what happens. Too much human influence on the environment. I could only hope to be killed in a natural disaster as opposed to dying from disease, violence or any other unnatural event. Asteroid? Bring it on that would be an awesome way to go. Then I can look at a bible thumper and say " let he without sin cast the first stone" hahahahahahahaha
  • This if from corporations using sonar blasts to search for oil under water, do your research, please spread the word.....
  • LOL
  • maybe they are evolving and want to walk on jk
  • wonderful .... good job
  • i know i am shocked and so happy people still have hearts!!! beautiful sight

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