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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

To Every American Who Is Serious About Protecting His Family, & Helping His Neighbors…

Your Family Isn't Ready For A Terrorist Attack, Hurricane, Flood, or Tornado!

Will They Survive?
If The Government Collapsed Tomorrow
Can You Feed & Protect Them?

Will They Die Because You're Not Ready?

From: Damian Campbell
Date: Tuesday, 2:21 P.M.  

f you're the dad whose kids love storms - because they've never had to go to bed without their nightlight, and a safe, secure home, this could be the most important message you have ever read.

Imagine the chaos when people realize
  Obamacare cost them their entire
  financial system - and doesn't work!
This letter could be the difference between your family living and dying.
You see, when most people think “prepared” they think Boy Scouts and special forces soldiers.  The real survival experts.
To be honest, there is only a handful of survival experts in the world.  These guys will get America running if/when we get hit by a large scale terrorist attack, or riots start (won’t be long now since Obamacare isn’t working!).
These patriots are some of the toughest men we’ve got, and are going to single-handedly save thousands of lives.  And you won’t know who they are until it hits the fan.
These guys seem like you and me.  In many ways they are. 
The difference is, they are incredibly deadly, and ready for anything this messed up world has to throw at them. 

Survive Anything - Disasters - Economy Collapse - Mobs, Etc. PROTECT YOUR FAMILY!


Apr 22, 2012
... to monitor and control personal electricity consumption. Now, an alarming new documentary suggests that security problems with the inter-connected and seemingly convenient smart grid may be so serious that they could lead to a catastrophic failure of our nation's entire power infrastructure. .... DuroMax XP4400E 4400 Watt 7.0 HP OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered Portable Generator With Wheel Kit And Electric Start · Buy new: $449.99 $399.99. 5 new from $399.99 ...
Nov 07, 2011
Our way of life has a single point of failure. There is one single point of failure for all of the systems that bring us our modern day way-of-life, and that is the power transmission system grid, or electric grid – electricity.

NASA knows something 2012 Survival Guide

Oct 19, 2010
CMEs directed at Earth can interfere with radio communications, harm satellites, and even damage electrical power transmission circuits and infrastructure, potentially causing widespread power grid failure (only an extremely ...
May 19, 2011
Solar Storms can disable or destroy computer circuits, any and all electric and electronic equipment. They release particles which travel to the earth's magnetosphere, ... Restoring Power Grid Could. take More Than 12 Months. In well-documented cases involving heat failures in the transformers that undergird the power system, John Kappenman, an analyst with Metatech Corporation said it has taken 12 months or more to replace the damaged units with new ones.
Apr 06, 2012
Global Rumblings. 2012 - Will it Change the World as we Know it? - Why so many Earthquakes? Tornados? Disasters? ... Gibiru RealTime Disaster Map. The last three ... Fiery lava was not the culprit in any of these disasters.

37 Food Items that will be SOLD OUT after Crisis: Prepare!

2012 - The Untold Story Click Here 

How to survive the Coming Food Crisis Click Here

Mar 31, 2011
A colleague from Banda Aceh asked me via Facebook whether the present disasters can be good or bad for the future of disaster risk reduction? He asked “What can I explain to the people of Aceh as a disaster mitigation ...

AquaPonics Grow Vegetables without Dirt.

Survival Farming Click Here!

NWO Vision Report Watch 

The Anti-Christ Identity? Can we know it now?

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  1. The destruction of power transmission equipment
    towers, transformer sub-stations and fuel delivery systems to power plants can disrupt power transmission to large areas.


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