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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Mysterious Booms,Big Bangs Shaking NC Coast

March 1, 2012  SOUTHPORT, NC  — 
Big booms and shaking were felt along the North Carolina coast Tuesday that have some people worried. Now, folks are booming with big bang theories on what they say causes the mysterious rocking and rolling along the coast. 
“Anything that can shake the houses, not just one or two houses, but a whole neighborhood and it can be heard from Southport to Bolivia and Sunset Harbor, it has to be something big,” said Bolivia resident Erick Myles. 
Perseid Meteors - Could Fireballs or meteors be responsible?
Folks across the Cape Fear say the mysterious booms are back and this time they seem stronger than ever. People say they had different experiences depending on where they were at the time. “It’s kind of freaky to me because I heard it but I didn’t see anything,” said Southport resident Jamie Hoffmann. 

“I didn’t hear the booms but I felt shaking twice,” said Boiling Spring Lakes resident Ruth Finley. Everyone we talked to said this was not the first time they have experienced the unknown sound and shaking. Some folks even say they hear the booms every week. 

Everyone we talked to said this was not the first time they have experienced the unknown sound and shaking. Some folks even say they hear the booms every week. One thing is for sure, people say they want answers.
Seismologist say nothing registered on the Richter Scale Tuesday in our area and the military says it is not responsible for the sounds or shaking.
Although scientists and authorities can't seem to pinpoint where the noise is coming from, residents have their own theories.
"I know that there's an explanation and it has to be military," Myles said.
"The ocean," said Hoffmann. "Something with the ocean."
"I think they're earthquakes," said Finley. "Tremors." 11booms300.jpg
Some people we talked to said they were very concerned with the booms now that we're nearing the end of the Mayan calendar which some people believe marks the end of the world. They say the confusion surrounding the booms only builds up their theory that we're nearing the end of days.

Hate to tell you this and burst your bubble

The booming you are hearing and feeling is nothing more than an airborne shock wave. And guess what causes that? OK, I know you really want to think its Aliens, or the Earth splitting apart, or whales beating on bongos (whatever), but the answer (and I know) is something far simpler. Where do you think military jets can fly and break the sound barrier? Well, not over the continental US per se... so take a wild guess. Yup - off shore, way out over the ocean. Yes, that is what you are hearing. If you worked on an aircraft carrier, or work with military ops, you'd know that. But no... you fools refuse to understand something SO SIMPLE. Instead, you insist it has to be gremlins, or UFOs, or space-time rifts, or whatever... anything but the OBVIOUS (and it illustrates how uneducated you are).
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Counter offer:

The problem with the military boom boom technology notion

is that these noises have occurred since before supersonic aircraft/missiles existed. Right here in ILM, there are elderly people who've heard them since before such aircraft or military firepower existed. They also occur in numerous locations around the globe and have been reported for hundreds of years. Even a Space Shuttle launch, which were uncomfortably loud (the noise and vibration set off car alarms) while the booster rockets were burning and includes sonic booms, can't be heard over the territory that these noises cover. You can see them for hundreds of miles but the sound dissipates quickly.

"What's going on is an interesting challenge, whatever it might be," said seismologist David Hill, scientist emeritus at the U.S. Geological Survey office in Menlo Park, Calif.

"In the eastern desert in Egypt, the Bedouins have a long history of hearing booms and avoiding that area — after installing seismometers there, researchers were able to go back and see these sounds seem correlated with small earthquakes that caused booming sands," Hill said.
In the future, after potential artificial sources of mysterious booming sounds are ruled out, such as military exercises and quarry blasts, seismic networks could quickly reveal if earthquakes or volcanoes were responsible. For instance, the USArray, a mobile network of seismometers, is currently moving east across the United States and "it might help resolve the issue of what the sounds on the North Carolina coast are," Hill said.
Hill detailed this research in the September-October issue of the journal Seismological Research Letters.

Dennis E. says:
I live about 90 miles or so from the coast and in the past 60 days there has been at least three
“boom” like noises. Last saturday, I thought an object had struck my roof that I actually, went
up into the attic to see. There was a prior “boom” noise so loud that I went to the window expecting to see smoke and hear the sound of emergency response.
These two events I experienced. There was a prior one and the local paper reported it
because many local residents called 911.
Also, there is much military air traffic in my area.
Ponder this: It has been reported on this site that the atlantic seabed floor is spreading. I ponder if these reports of shaking, boom noises, are a result of that.I am speaking about creating stress
in these areas? Just a thought…………….

People are booming with big bang theories on what they say causes the mysterious rocking and rolling along our coast.

Contributing sources:

2012 and Beyond Extinction Protocol

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Residents searching for answers to intensifying mystery force shaking North Carolina coast

WWayTV3 2012 Residents Booming Big Bang Theories

Global Rumblings has been reporting on Mysterious Booms for a while.  
Here are some: 

Jan 23, 2006
Mystery boom rocks local area. Watch This Video. (MOBILE, Ala.) Jan 19 - It wasn't an earthquake, but it felt like it to many of you. What sounded and felt like an intense explosion rocked much of the local area around 2:30 ...
Mar 25, 2011
From Mystery Booms: Earthquake "booms" have been reported for a long time, and in the US they tend to occur more in the Northeastern US and along the East Coast. There have been many reports of "booms" that cannot be ...
Dec 05, 2005
From Hudson , N.H. , to the Chelmsford line, the eastern half of Tyngsboro has been rocked with well over a dozen of these mysterious, pulsating booms over the past five weeks, rattling both windows and nerves. Lyons said ...
Dec 24, 2005
Booms? are being heard without an accompanying earthquake, and as we can read as reported by the KTVO TV News Service in their ?sanitized? November 25th article titled "Explanation found for mysterious boom" and ...

Jan 21, 2005
Several householders called Central Scotland Police after hearing a mystery large bang at about 2220 GMT. Some described it as an explosion or sonic boom and others said they felt the ground shake and their windows ...

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  1. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Hello i live in raleigh NC 27610 and for the past 3 weeks big bang sounds have been taking place everyday, in the morning about 11:am or before 4:30 pm
    This bang shakes my walls and windows, even my husband felt it outside in the parking lot. At the beginning i though the person upstairs was letting fall something really heavy but i found out no one lives there. Im really confused because it seems im the only around my area who stays home during business hours. I called abc11 news and i havent get a call back.


    1. Hi Melyen,

      We are making a TV documentary for the Discovery Channel about the booms in North Carolina. Would you be happy to talk to me about what you heard?

      Please feel free to email me

      Many thanks,


  2. Anonymous9:05 PM

    It's been rumbling here in Fayetteville NC for the past few days. I thought it was something coming from Ft Bragg, but apparently not.

  3. Anonymous11:52 PM

    I also live about 30miles from ft. Bragg in Cameron NC. I am laying hear thinking I'm going crazy. Glad I'm not the only one who hears it. Its like a faint, ga-boom over and over. Still ratyles the house, even though it doesnt sound loud enough to do that. I googled it with the date and an old article comes up from 2011(I think) that was warning people in the area of training at Ft. Bragg causing loud "window rattling" sounds. This sound we are currently hearing is defiantly not military, there is no public service announcement this time. I also don't think its sonic booms over the middle of the ocean as I live about 2hrs from the nearest coast.


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