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Saturday, November 23, 2013

ISON-Global Legends-Winged Disk -

Winged Solar Disk


Return of wing disk Persianthe Winged Disk


Not a jellyfish!

The Winged Disc and ISON

Horus with wings
no fracture on ison do not be confuse by fantasy Hey BPearthwatch, ive been following your videos for quite some time now regarding ison and I was hoping you or any of your followers could shed some light on this video (link is at the top) it seems to be reporting on some of the very things you show us in your videos .ie. the other 2 objects on either side of ison. The problem is the video i am questioning is in spanish. Thanks for your time.
I love your videos! However, I dare say -- whoever is coming in surely could care less about our government upheaval. For one thing, the USA is not the only country on the planet and this is a planet-wide event. I'd like to think it's Jesus coming back, but He said we would not know the day or the hour, so I don't think it's godly at all. Maybe an angel escorting the two witnesses, though. Wouldn't that be something!
Well said, my friend.The arrogance of humans makes me laugh!I like your work and see what you have posted every day, KEEP IT UP. !
wing disk
dont forget the hopi prophecy says the blue kachina comes before the red kachina as a harbinger or a warning of things to come...

wing disk
Great video BP
winged disk
I don't trust in a name concocted less then 600 years ago to come up with GEEZUS, spelt as it sounds.
its an alien invasion , the UN are working for the aliens agenda,, thats been the whole reason for the war in syria,, to eventually get rid of their chemical arsenal one less weapon humanity can use against them when they take over the planet,, I only have a hatchet,and a german shephard for protection,..
Iv been thinking for weeks who could be coming back, because for sure its something like that 'history always repeats its self and the end days will be like in the beginning, could it be the ones who created us? but then if yes, the question is do they come with good intentions like i think it was Enki, the one who wanted us to have knowledge the one who wanted us as just slaves..
Update, Ison Images
Solar and Quake Links @ http://www.BpearthWatch.Com Free Bible Software


@BEEarthwatch, Your image at video counter#5:00 The blue image has the halo coming off its backside then the coma of the comet is red hot and large, If we ask our selves what does this remind us of, A NASA Shuttle Launch seen in Florida.The exhaust is behind the booster fuel rockets the flames are following behind the fuel tank. The image looks almost as thought to could be the reason for the coma? behind the lead object and back over the comet. Just thinking out load. thanks BE for your work.
To be honest it seems as if we are in for the ride and there's nothing physical we can do about it. I always wondered as a child 'why was I born me at this time in history'- always felt there was a reason for it. Don't know what that reason was. It's intriguing, all that's going on. Thanks for your time and dedication. Really appreciate what you put out mate. Peace
If this is anything besides a natural phenomenon, than this kindasortamaybe looks like one of those "triangular" alien space-craft. However, if you do a google search for Carol Rosin, she says that a faked alien invasion would be staged, all to implement space-based weapons. So a search for her, click on the first video, and skip past the first guy who introduces the video ahead to the 6:12 mark.

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The Legend of the Winged Disk was translated from the hieroglyphs on the walls of the temple Edfu, in Upper Egypt.  It is one of the oldest legends in Egypt, if not the first.  It literally translates: Râ (Sun God) sailed down the Nile to Edfu with Horus.  Horus told Râ that the enemy was plotting against him.  Râ asked Horus to go out and slay them.  Horus took the form of a great winged disk and flew up into the air to pursue the enemy.  With great success, the enemy was slain.

The ancient legend of the Winged Disk appears very similar to the description of a storm.   It is likely a reference to the weather phenomenon.  Ancient humans recognized their fortunes were dependent on opportune weather.   Wealth and prosperity both come from favorable weather.  People die in times of drought as well as flood; a lesson that too much of a good thing can be bad.

The Winged Disk represents the sun and the atmosphere.  The symbol of the serpent has been used to represent the King.  The serpent represents the expression of good and evil.

Other cultures represent the sun disk in the form of ancient calendars.  The Aztec Calendar Stone (Aztec Sun Stone) is a basalt disk that measures 3.6 m in diameter and weighs more than 24 tons, covered with carvings about human creation myths and calendar signs.  It’s a sun disk that is used to predict seasons for planting and harvest.

Murry Hope wrote in Practical Egyptian Magic, “Emblematic of the element of air, this consists of a circle or solar-type disk enclosed by a pair of wings.  In ritual magic it is suspended over the alter in an easterly direction…”  The author wrote many books on the roots of ancient Egyptian civilization.
Thomas Milton Stewart wrote Symbolism of the Gods of the Egyptians and the Light They Throw on Freemasonry, “The symbolic points in the foregoing legend are very old, for they belong to the earliest period. The winged disk, which as a hieroglyphic means to become – to be – to create, (or wish to have) is a part of symbolical ornamentation of every temple, displayed over every gate and doorway, and a symbol of the earliest expression of life (and prosperity).”

The Winged Disk symbol is seen over the entrances of Rosicrucian and Masonic buildings; in addition to the corporate logos for: United States Air Force, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Bentley, and Harley Davidson.  It is a balanced symbol that is easily recognizable.

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