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Sunday, November 03, 2013

Something VERY STRANGE about ISON

You might want to see this.

Published on Aug 23, 2013
All the rights of the clips in this are owned by their respective owners and use of them is only for educational purposes.

Thank you to BPEarthWatch for your analysis of the pictures of ISON
Link to his channel and references he made are as follows;

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COMET ISON C(2012) S1 is not the same as most comets orbiting the Sun.

Most comets orbiting our Sun have originated in the Kuiper Belt and have been going around the Sun since the Solar System began. They have been around the Sun so many times much of their gas has been burned off and blown away by the Sun's powerful solar winds. Consequently, they are similar to one another in composition.

COMET Ison is from the Oort Cloud, further out. Some astronomers have speculated that the Oort Cloud extends far out into space, perhaps as far as Alpha Centauri. Alpha Centauri was long believed to be the closest star to our Sun, about 4.36 light years. That means, traveling at 186,000-miles per second (the speed of light) it would take 4.36 years to reach the star. Beta Centauri is about the same distance way and the second brightest star in that constellation, Centaurus. This constellation is visible from the southern hemisphere.
Solar spectrum with absorption lines
Above is the solar spectrum of Sol, the sun of our Solar System. It is similar to a normal continuous spectrum except for the black lines.  As the light is given off by the Sun and travels through space to the Earth, any element between the origin site of the light and the Earth will cause absorption of the fingerprint colors.  These are represented by the "black line" spectrum or absorption spectrum.  Stars from beyond our system of Sol, the Solar System, will have different absorption lines.  We can tell what elements the stars are burning by the different element spectral fingerprint colors exhibited in a spectrohelioscope.

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1 comment:

  1. .
    " Don't fire a shot & kill us all please " ? Was that from Chief Wild Eagle of the Hekowies ?
    PUHLeeeeeeeeeeeze ! ! 1 THIS may turn out to be the most fantastic Heavenly light show in the modern era ! An event MAGICALLY timed to coincide with the Jewish and Christian High Holy days abd should bring joy and festivity anywhere the world can witness this once in a lifetime dramatic Cosmic event !
    Unless of course, the three pods seen within the ISON coma comprise an advance unit of an evil, murderous Empire . . .


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