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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

ISON has Been Here Before

Update..Now JPL Says Ison has been here before!

NASA updated JPL Model - Comet ISON is no longer hyperbolic, it has a period of 400 864.54 years #space


JPL Small-Body Database Browser

Note in the video this time period 400 864.54 corresponds with the Mayan calendar - spot on.

Published on Nov 26, 2013


 I traced backed on the earth's Timeline, the last time Ison approached was during this Period.....The magma chambers thought to underlie the Yellowstone hotspot also provide the park with one of its enduring symbols, its geysers, as the water is heated up by the hot magma that flows underneath the ground.

Some researchers have predicted that the supervolcano will blow its top again, an event that would cover up to half the country in ash up to 3 feet (1 meter) deep, one study predicts. The volcano only seems to go off about once every 600,000 years, though whether it ever will happen again isn't known for sure. Recently though, tremors have been recorded in the Yellowstone area.
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This matches the new JPL last orbit model.

I love you BP, but if you look, after Ison go's around the sun, the number go's away! This is its only time that it will be here! Look at this babe .

It's utterly amazing! Ison was discovered little over a year ago. Supposed first trip through solar system. Now at zero hour they say "oh yeah it's been here before, about half a million years ago. Any other last minute tidbits, "oh one other thing, don't look up-DUCK"  God Bless!
@BPEarthWatch How often is lasco updating?
It's a heads up guys!!
See also: Sun is reacting to ISON:

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