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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Alert! Can't be warned of Tsunami's now! Buoy monitors are down!

Alert! Can't be warned of Tsunami's now! 

Buoy monitors are down!

by globalrumblings
NDBC is currently experiencing network issues. We hope to have the issue resolved soon.
BuoyCAMs: See recent photos from NDBC weather buoy 44013 near Boston, DART station46410 in the Gulf of Alaska, 46029 near the Oregon/Washington coastline and the following TAO stations: 2N 155W5N 155W

National Data Buoy Center  The National Data Buoy Center's home page. The premier source of meteorological and oceanographic measurements for the marine environment.

Tsunami Buoys Turned Off Around The World: Why? Is Now The Time To ‘Escape’ From NY, Florida, Lousiana & California?

Monday, November 18, 2013 4:44

Why have tsunami buoys around the entire world been turned off as shown in this screenshot from the National Data Bouy Center and as asked by those paying attention to these things in this forum? 

NDBC is currently experiencing network issues. We hope to have the issue resolved soon.
BuoyCAMs: See recent photos from NDBC weather buoy 44013 near Boston, DART station 46410 in the Gulf of Alaska, 46029near the Oregon/Washington coastline and the following TAO stations: 2N 155W5N 155W

Map showing DART buoy locations
network helps forecasting:How the DART® N
The information collected by a network of DART® systems positioned at strategic locations throughout the ocean plays a critical role in tsunami forecasting.The current deployed DART location (from NDBC) are shown on the map at the right.
When a tsunami event occurs, the first information available about the source of the tsunami is based only on the available seismic information for the earthquake event. As the tsunami wave propagates across the ocean and successively reaches the DART® systems, these systems report sea level information measurements back to the Tsunami Warning Centers, where the information is processed to produce a new and more refined estimate of the tsunami source. The result is an increasingly accurate forecast of the tsunami that can be used to issue watches, warnings or evacuations.
DART® buoy development:

Recent DataHistorical DataObservations SearchTAONOAA CSPDART
Place pointer on station to display corresponding plot or click on station to view station page.

According to ‘the watchers’, this has never happened before. Is this just some kind of ‘glitch’ with our government reporting centers or is there more to it?

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