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Friday, November 29, 2013

Cropcircles showing Comet ISON

First let's take a look at a crop circle of 1994 predicting a comet's impact on Jupiter

The Roundway (Oliver's Castle) Crop Circle Formation
Wiltshire UK - Discovered July 24th 1994
Photo 1994 Colin Andrews
'As above, So below'. As millions of people around the world received news that for first time in human history an 'Earth killing' Comet would be witnessed impacting a neighboring planet, sequential events mirroring those in space began to appear in the crop fields of Wiltshire and Hampshire in 1994.
The 'G - Impact' Effect in the Atmosphere of Jupiter
Photo 1994 NASA/JPL Educational Services

Months later, in the 1994 November issue of Astronomy Magazine, a dramatic image of Jupiter showing the impact effect of the largest Comet fragment: the 'G-Impact' was discovered by Kris to bear an amazing resemblance to the Roundway Crop Circle formation. In addition to impact 'crescents' the 1994 Roundway Crop Circle formation and Shoemaker/Levy 9 Comet G-Impact also shared another detail in common: a small side circle!
Rotated circles and crescents defined and differentiated the 1994 pictogram from the exact G-Impact image, but amazingly revealed yet another possible related layer of meaning to the formation. Perturbing and consuming the orbiting motion of asteroids, and Comets, including the Shoemaker/Levy 9 Comet, the Sun and Jupiter are locked in an oscillating cycle known to astronomers as the 'Solar Oscillation', or 'Jupiter Effect'. Basically, the Solar Oscillation is the oscillating motion of the Sun through the 'Milky Way Galaxy', caused by the 'alternating pattern of conjunctions and oppositions' between the ever changing orbiting movements and positions of the more massive planets in our solar system, particularly Jupiter. This cycle, I learned and began disseminating in Autumn 1991 is, I think, a major aspect of the physics of most non-manmade Crop Circle creation, and could explain why at Roundway in 1994 the 'impact crescents' were rotated. Turned 90 degrees, three times, they reflected, in my view, the fundamental force of rotation: angular momentum, and by inference its counterpart: gravity; the two Cosmic forces that ultimately sent the Shoemaker/Levy 9 Comet fragments crashing into Jupiter!

Now,to Comet ISON:
Nearby we can see an Aztec symbol for the galactic centre, from which many “small waves” are emerging. Will we see actual waves from the galactic centre on that day, when comet Ison emerges from behind the Sun? Might this happen because a large cloud of gas called “G2” has just entered a black hole at the galactic centre, as viewed from Earth? ( or or waylandsmithy2007a or time2007m).

Read the original source:

Images of near-future events are sometimes drawn in crops, consistent with the use of spacetime wormhole technology
The extra-terrestrial crop artists seem to possess spacetime wormhole technology. By means of such technology, they have occasionally revealed certain details of the future to humans on Earth. For example during the summer of 2010, we saw images of “nuclear power” or “radiation in the landscape” drawn in crops. We even saw a “lunar clock with an atomic hour hand”, indicating the month of March 2011. Many such images were drawn in crops, nine months before a nuclear power disaster happened at Fukushima during the suggested month of March 2011 (see japantsunami2011). There was no specific mention in crops, however, of its geographical location in Japan. 
The crop artists also sometimes reveal near-future astronomical events in our solar system. For example, we saw drawn in crops the outburst of comet 73P Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 in 1996, three months before it happened (see time2007a). Likewise we saw drawn in crops the outburst of comet 17P Holmes in 2007, two years before it happened (see time2007g ortime2007h). Predictions of high earthquake or solar activity were made correctly in 2011 (see fringe2013e or fringe2013g), although the detailed locations of those earthquakes again remained unspecified.
A triple conjunction of comet Ison with Mars and Regulus during October of 2013 
During mid-October of 2013, there was a triple conjunction (or joining in Earth’s sky) between comet Ison, planet Mars and a bright star Regulus from the constellation Leo. We can see a night-sky photograph of that conjunction in the slide below, along with a schematic diagram at lower right: 
That triple conjunction in Earth’s sky was described in crops by an amazing field picture which appeared near Silbury Hill on August 3, 2009. It showed what is known as a Mayan “Katun calendar wheel”. Some Katun calendar wheels contain 18, 20 or 13 squares in each ring, to yield multiplicative products such as (18 x 20) = 360 days for their Long Count calendar, or (13 x 20) = 260 days for their Tzolkin calendar:
This calendar wheel, which was drawn in crops on August 3, 2009, contained 24, 20 or 15 swirled circles within each of three large rings. When multiplied together as (24 x 20 x 15) = 7200, those three numbers yield 7200 days or one “Katun” period from the Mayan Long Count calendar. 
Furthermore, a series of three large circles and one small circle meaning “0”, plus one ring of small “crop knobs” equal to “15”, together suggest a Mayan calendar date of or October 19, 2013: 
The suggested date is close to October 15, 2013, when a triple conjunction took place in Earth’s sky between comet Ison, Mars and Regulus. Outside of their Katun calendar wheel, we can see (above or below) two large “comet” shapes, which contain five circles each, and show various motifs near their flattened centres: 
The fourth flattened circle of their upper comet shape shows a “6-around-1” motif, suggestive of the Pleiades M45 star cluster (see two slides below). 
The first circle of their lower comet shape shows a “smiley face”, meaning simply that “we are friendly”. Another “smiley face” was drawn near their June 23, 2009 crop picture, discussed above.
The second circle of their lower comet shape shows a “7-7” motif, suggestive of comet Ison passing by a “planet” and a “star” (see the next slide below). 
The fourth circle of their lower comet shape shows a clump of three “crop knobs”, to suggest a sky conjunction of three separate objects (comet, planet and star). 
At the very centre we can see a ring of 15 “crop knobs”, to suggest a Mayan date of which equals October 19, 2013, or possibly “October 15” in our Western calendar. 

Comet Ison as a “trilobite”
One amusing crop picture from the summer of 2009 compared comet Ison to a “trilobite”. That was a small, beetle-like animal which lived abundantly on Earth 400 million years ago. At Ogbourne St, Andrew on July 29, 2009, the crop artists first showed comet Ison heading for our Sun on a Mayan date of or October 19, 2013: 

Read the original source:

Will comet Ison break up and/or slow down as it orbits the Sun?
Will comet Ison break up and/or slow down as it orbits the Sun on November 28, 2013? At Etchilhampton on August 19, 2013, we saw the image of a “long-tailed comet” going into circular orbit around the Sun, and then emerging with a “shorter tail”: 

Read the original source:

It appears it has indeed survived, and has broken up into many fragments.

What do you think? 

Is it slowing down?  There is still a huge debris field and it's headed our way.

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