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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Earth Changes - Comet

Earth and our Solar System have had a Catastrophic Past

Earth Changes - Cycles of Destruction - Meteor Showers & Great Co

Published on Jan 4, 2013
Scientific evidence of great earth changes - periodic devastation 
over the past 13000 years. In particular, Meteor Showers accompanied by Great Comets seen in the sky. The dates of disaster as supported by science and discussed, are 10900 BC, 7640 BC, 3150 BC, 540 AD, 1345 AD. The evidence appears to support the citations from the ancients of great earth changes in such works as The Kolbrin, The Bible, Metamorphoses, The Timaeus, The Pistis Sophia that the earth does suffer at long range intervals great earth changes in the form of devastating meteor showers and other associated effects.

Fortunately for human beings and other living things, plasmas are not routinely encountered on the surface of the Earth. However, we do see natural plasmas in the form of lightning and auroras, and man-made ones most commonly in the form of fluorescent light bulbs. 

 A little farther away from home, the Earth's magnetosphere contains a plasma which is populated by particles of the solar wind interacting with ones from the Earth's upper atmosphere. The solar corona is a good example of a hot plasma. 

Each planet with a magnetic field tends to have its own plasma, such as around Jupiter, or even the moon Io.

 As comets come into the inner solar system, a plasma tail often develops (in addition to non-charged dusty tail), and was easily visible on the recent Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp comets, for example. Beyond the solar system, in interstellar space, ions and electrons (at very low densities) are found everywhere. 

Beautiful plasma nebula can be photographed from earth, excited by light from nearby stars. Generally, every energetic object in the universe has a plasma associated with it. We can detect plasmas by observing their electromagnetic radiation (light, x-rays, radio waves, etc), or in some cases, by observing the interaction of their ions and electrons with other objects.
Comet Hyakutake with bluish plasma tailLightning produces a plasma too!

Interacting Plasmas    

Many skeptics say that there is no mechanism that could have circularized the wildly divergent paths of the planets that were ejected from the polar configuration. Electrical Engineer, Donald Scott, points out that plasma physics shows us that planets can interact electrically if they are within each other's protective plasma sheaths (magnetospheres). Electrical repulsion that is alternatively felt (when planets' plasma sheaths intersect) and then not felt (when the sheaths do not intersect) could circularize orbits relatively quickly.

In addition there is strong evidence that gravity and mass itself is dependent on electrical charge.

 Were ancient myths merely fantasies?

Fig. 1. Temples remembering the axis mundi.

    Many traditional astronomers and mythologists dismiss these early stories and drawings as the fantasies of primitive cultures lacking an understanding of what they saw. However, comparative mythologists David Talbott, Ev Cochrane, and Dwardu Cardona have found that there is a consistent pattern in these stories.  When many different, widely separated cultures tell the same story, the probability exists that these are not mere flights of fancy, but valid observations.  If the astronomers of today were to re-examine their assumptions about what is and is not possible in the cosmos – take a new and unbiased look at the pictures coming back from NASA's probes and the images from their own telescopes – they would find strong evidence to support a view of cosmology different from the one espoused by mainstream astronomers – one that ancient man saw all too clearly. 

A group of astronomers, physicists, electrical engineers, and experts in the field of ancient mythology have begun to challenge some of the generally accepted hypotheses of the history of our solar system and conventional theories of cosmology.  Many of these iconoclasts were influenced early on by the writings of the catastrophist Immanuel Velikovsky.  Although there is general disagreement among this group with many of Velikovsky's specific scenarios, most of them agree with his thesis that Earth and our solar system have had a catastrophic past. 

Heavenly Bodies Were Worshipped as Gods - Why?

    In earlier times man worshipped heavenly bodies as gods.  Myths proclaim, "We once lived in the presence of the gods".  These gods were visible powers, often capricious, and frequently violent.  The priestly astronomers of ancient Mesopotamia and elsewhere make clear that these remarkable powers were planets.  If the myths surrounding these gods are to be taken seriously, they raise many questions. Why did ancient man worship the god Saturn?  The planet Saturn is very difficult for the average person to even find in the sky today.

    Some mythologists postulate that there is evidence in ancient lore to connect the scarred warrior hero of legend with the god Mars.  Yet the planet we know as Mars is only a tiny speck in the sky today; and its deep, 2,400 mile-long canyon (scar), Valles Marineris, cannot be seen from Earth without a powerful telescope. 

    Why did the ancients depict Venus as a fiery dragon or a goddess with flowing hair, when that planet is merely a bright dot in the sky today?

Fig. 2. Valles Marineris - The scar on Mars

Thunderbolts Between Planets.

The  myths of many of the ancients tell of violent thunderbolt interaction between the gods.  Of course we see lightning on earth today, but never "thunderbolts" that streak between planets.  What could have caused these violent interactions long ago?   

When the Ancients saw the huge comet attach electrically to Mars and remove its atmosphere, they saw a huge snake-like filament ... spoken of by the Ancients.

Now, turning to James McCanney’s booklet titled Surviving Planet X Passage (A Supplement To The Text:
Planet X, Comets, & Earth Changes), let’s take a few moments to read a few excerpts about some of the potential problems that might emerge in the event of a large comet or Near Earth Object, either passing close to the Sun, or close to Earth:


Defining The Problems
Communication will be a huge problem. In fact, the infrastructure of all the facilities provided by utilities and services that we depend on daily will eventually not be there at all. Roads, vehicles, gasoline, transportation, natural gas and oil for heat, clean water, sewer, electricity—all of these will go away prior to the passage if the conditions are severe as we know they have been in the past.

The Earth Changes
It will not be enough to simply store some goods and food, as an entire change in lifestyle will be required to survive for the long term. Most people today are totally unprepared mentally and physically to make such a dramatic change in lifestyle, even under modern excellent conditions, let alone under the severe adverse conditions one would find during an encounter with the tremendous Earth changes occurring at the same time.

Earth changes include the following:
  • Electrical effects between the huge comet (with Planet X as its nucleus) and Sun will increase severe weather, and very unstable weather patterns will result. Earth itself will develop extended electrical interactions with the Sun, and violent storms, with both excessive lightning, wind, and water (much of the water coming in from outer space) will last for days and even weeks at a time. These will occur in some cases months or even years before the passage.
  • Secondary effects will be the degradation or complete elimination of infrastructures to the point that public utilities and local governments will be totally unable to cope with the repairs. Cyclones will come in large groups and decimate cities and towns, leaving those with standard housing with nothing. Torrential rains will weaken roadbeds, and mudslides will be common. Rivers will flood and mobility will come to a standstill. Since the jet streams will also become erratic, and due to extended cloud cover, some days will be very hot while on the next day it will snow in even the tropical locations.

  • The public will now also begin to see large electrical discharges streaming between the planets and their moons and between the planets. Jupiter especially, with its large electrical interaction with the Sun, will seem to be throwing lightning bolts across the sky. The huge comet will likewise begin to discharge electrically to the other planets and a huge trumpet-like call will ring through Earth’s atmosphere as the searing electrical discharges interact with the upper atmosphere. Colorful auroras will light up even the daytime sky with finger-like dancing lights as the electrical discharges continually interact with the ionosphere.
When the Ancients saw the huge comet attach electrically to Mars and remove its atmosphere, they saw a huge snake-like filament extending from the comet to Mars, and the auroras in the upper atmosphere that encircled Mars made it appear as a lashing cosmic serpent with Mars in its mouth. The historical record is rich with this symbolism of the destruction of Mars as seen by Earth inhabitants.

Sharp whistling noises will be as music choreographed with the electrical light show in the heavens. The comet itself will appear as many colors, but through its middle will be an intense blue or purple neon-like light that will be visible in even the daytime sky. This is due to the extreme amounts of electrical currents flowing through the comet as it interacts with the Sun. If the comet is close to Earth, it may at times be mistaken for the Sun or Moon. It is known from historical records that some of the past large destroyer comets had nuclei so large that they could be seen through the huge comet tail. If this is the case, then one would see the actual Planet X object.

Historical records indicate that it could be reddish or bluish in color, but it is not possible to predict what a new large one would look like, since it is constantly growing.

As Earth’s magnetic field reverses more frequently, large sprays of high-energy atomic particles will pummel Earth’s upper atmosphere, causing severe levels of radiation that would cause cancer in large numbers of survivors unless they were properly sheltered. These may also cause gene mutations in the species, causing new or altered animal or planet types to form in a fairly short time. If the comet passes out of the solar system without a very close approach to Earth, then the above description may be realized or it may be less severe.

There could be one major complication, however. If, as in the past, the large comet is accompanied by companions, these might be large and of planet size themselves, and if they are perturbed away from the main comet nucleus, these too could become captured into the solar system. These then could remain to continually harass Earth as they wander through the solar system for possibly hundreds of years to follow.

If the comet’s orbital path brings it so that Earth passes through its tail, the interactions will increase and we would see severe flooding and immense hurricanes with associated tornadoes and cyclones on both land and sea. The influx of hundreds of other chemicals would also occur. The Sun would be blotted-out for days or even weeks as the huge comet passed by andEarth’s temperature would fall rapidly. Heavy rain would turn into snow and cover numerous parts of the globe, forming glaciers. Animals would be quick-frozen into these glaciers and would be perfectly preserved for thousands of years to come.

Our Moon would likewise flood and experience the same effects, although it does not have an atmosphere like Earth. There could be the possibility of meteor streams coming into Earth’s atmosphere and seeming like a rain of stars from the heavens. Mixed with the influx of hydrocarbons in the atmosphere, this would be the “fire and brimstone” spoken of by the Ancients.

The severity of all of these possible effects would depend on how close the comet came to Earth, and there is no way to predict exactly what effects will occur.

This is just a list of possible di
rect effects.
[end quoting]

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