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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

BREAKING POINT - WW3 if Israel strikes Iran

Israel Renews Warnings of Military Action After Iran Nuclear Deal

Netanyahu says Israel will not allow Iran to build nuclear weapons
Israel reacted with vehement skepticism at the signing of an interim agreement that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had vociferously described as the “deal of the century” for Iran because it eased sanctions while allowing Tehran to continue enriching uranium.
JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel on Sunday harshly criticized the international community's nuclear deal with Iran, accusing the world of "self-delusion" and saying the first-stage agreement would not halt what it says is Tehran's pursuit of nuclear weapons capability.
"Israel cannot participate in the international celebration, which is based on Iranian deception and (international) self-delusion," said Steinitz, whose responsibilities include monitoring Iran's nuclear program.
Deputy Israeli Defense Minister Danny Danon, a senior member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party, indicated a military strike is still an option.
"It goes without saying that all options remain on the table and that Israel has the capability — and the responsibility — to defend itself using any means necessary," he said.

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1 comment:

  1. .
    Despite the terrifying picture painted by a main stream media so concerned with political correctness that it has forgotten to examine the blunt reality of this situation, the case for impending doom or even world war 3 simply cannot be made. My reasoning follows.

    1) Given the History of the six day war and Israel's unbending stance ever since along with current conditions in Egypt, a beholden Saudi Arabia, Stone Age Iraq, collapsed Syria and teetering Turkey, the Arab nations have neither the will nor the capability to attack a fully armed, magnificently trained nuclear Israel for ANY reason.

    2) While the Iranians may TALK a solid game and even convince the mentally deficient politicians and " wannabe " diplomats from America and other squeamish countries of their right to nuclear power while simultaneously threatening to obliterate anything having even remotely to do with Israel, Iran in fact holds no cards - and especially no Aces. Iran possesses oil reserves the equal of any other country in the world and is coal rich as well, therefore they have no need for nuclear power except for the production of weapons. Militarily Iran is literally one step this side of the Stone Age and is INCAPABLE of competing with ANYONE on a modern battlefield, ESPECIALLY Israel or the U.S., not to mention the fact that they are currently " sandwiched " between U.S. operatives in Iraq and heavy U.S. Military forces in Afghanistan as well as several Carrier groups within momentary striking range.

    3) Russia and Red China- Ah yes, the big red LIE and the yellow peril, bed buddies indeed - or NOT.
    Get this now and get it straight, Russia and China never have been and never WILL be allies. They are third world competitors with HUGE egos and resources but they are TERRIFIED of each other therefore they only cooperate when the alternative is the devastation of all out war. We have already seen how their mutual support of Iran evaporated and they evacuated their " advisory " personnel when Ronald Reagan won the U.S. Presidency and the very IDEA of facing a determined American leader ended the Iranian hostage " crisis " overnight which had held the inept Jimmy Carter at bay for 444 days and sent the Russians ( then the MUCH more powerful and fearsome Soviet Union ) AND the Chinese scurrying home. This retreat was due to an ENORMOUS technological and tactical gap between the U.S. and our NATO allies that the WORLD was unaware of and was not graphically demonstrated until Operation Desert Storm. That gap has only WIDENED in the interim.

    4) In summation, whether Israel decides to " push the button " on Iran and render it a useless sea of glass or the United States eventually enlists a real leader as President who will " put the hammer down " on the recalcitrant Iranians, it is THEY who are doomed and THEY alone who will have brought about their extermination as a nation.


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