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Friday, November 01, 2013

Collapse Coming

How to Survive the Collapse of Civilization
Total social breakdown. Major cities gone. Earth changes. 

The Coming Collapse*:- civilization on the brink -by Joel A. Wendt

*This was written originally around the year 2000.  As people know today, the Collapse has come, and it was the economic relationships which proved to be the most fragile of the various complex systems in which Civilization is manifested.  At the time I write this (March, 2009) the unfolding of the Collapse is hardly begun - much more will "fall apart".  We just need to keep in mind (as stated elsewhere in my writing), that "falling apart" or chaos, is a necessary first stage for something new to begin.   The Phoenix burns to ash in the fire of its passions, before it rises again.



This is something we know instinctively is happening.  We can't help but notice the odd kinds of decay everywhere. 

  Somehow things keep getting worse instead of getting better.   If we have some understanding of complex systems, we know that when certain kinds of basic changes in the totality are about to occur, the whole system begins to oscillate in a rather wild fashion.   This goes on until some kind of crisis point, after which the whole finds a new equilibrium.   

In a sense, the principles of order that previously gave our civilization its cohesion have become exhausted.   

They can no longer provide stability.    Something new must now be called forth.  Will it be based in the darkness of our lower impulses, or arise in light of our highest hopes.  In such circumstances we approach a great battle.   What will happen is not fixed, although one can say that we do live in interesting times. 

Mar 12, 2011
... living here on NaturalNews. Sources for this story include: http://www.telegraph.c. Fred Saenz, American Phoenix Learn more: ..

Earth Changes

Natural And Human Caused Changes To Our Planet
URGENT WARNING: Massive Disasters Brewing

You are undoubtedly aware of the increased severity of natural disasters caused by storms, tornadoes, extreme temperatures, drought, fires, floods, tidal waves, volcanoes, earthquakes and sinkholes in locations around the world.

The March, 2011 earthquake in Japan was one of the largest on record and the destruction was horrific. The damage to the Fukushima nuclear plant still has those who are aware of the ongoing leakage, on edge about the radiation that has spread across the northern hemisphere contaminating food and water in North America.

Several major earthquakes and volcanic events as well as sinkholes have manifested in the last few years. It is speculated this may have some relationship to the cyclic positioning of the major planets Jupiter and Saturn in their current relation to the Earth and the sun, or the solar system's changing position in the galaxy, or the effect of celestial bodies coming through the solar system.

Until not long ago we had been experiencing a lengthy "solar minimum", a period of low solar activity. More recently, solar flares picked up again as we entered a time of solar maximum. These periods are normally fairly well determined and routine. The sun is supposed to be in a period of increased activity according to its normal maximum and minimum cycles, but it has been abnormally quiet as it was in past "little ice ages".
In the past, extremes of cold weather have been experienced during times such as this, with low solar flares during a maximum. It is still possible that solar eruptions could increase.
In any case, the sun has a major effect on planetary weather conditions. There is also evidence that weather is often manipulated with little publicized technologies.

Within the last few years a huge number of structures and crops have been damaged by storms, high winds, tornadoes, tsunamis, massive floods, drought, wild fires, extreme temperatures, deep snow, ice storms, etc., ravaging many areas and disrupting the lives of many thousands of people.

In some instances, millions have found themselves suddenly without power, for days or weeks. There have been areas where little or no food was available for a long period.In Russia, drought and fires ruined the 2010 season's crops forcing them to curtail wheat exports. In 2011, the Mississippi River flood wiped out many acres of crops in the central U.S. Meanwhile drought and wildfires have devastated much of the nation the last two summers, with thousands of homes, millions of trees and vast amounts of crops lost.
Click here for an article on the increased frequency and intensity of natural disasters.
With the planet's rumbling with greater intensity, the expansion of sinkholes, especially the one in Louisiana, and the signs of a possible polar shift in progress, it seems the Earth may be on the verge of major changes. A sudden powerful geophysical event could be very destructive.It is important to be aware that one or more major disturbances of nature could cause very serious food shortages. Food stocks are already drastically low in most areas of the world. Even in the U.S., grocery stores and the average household have only enough food on hand to last a couple days if the supply chain were interrupted.
URGENT WARNING: There is much information being shared about Comet Ison and a possible "Planet X" coming through our solar system, an Electro Magnetic Pulse, a geophysical shift -- some major change in our solar system that may cause serious disruptions of the sun and Earth with devastating effects to come, perhaps very soon. There is said to be a media blackout on this by authorities. 

Excerpts continued ~

For a long time now, human beings have been trying to discover the secrets of living organisms.  

Whole departments of universities are devoted to these studies - zoology, botany, micro-biology to name but a few.   With the discovery of DNA in the middle of the 20th Century, it was assumed that a giant stride forward had been made.  In fact, many think that we have found, in DNA (and related work) the fundamentals of all life.

Based upon this work, human beings have begun to attempt to engineer living organisms.   DNA has been altered in plants and animals, sometimes for pure research, but most often in the search for profit.  Huge corporations have spent billions trying to find profitable ways of applying this kind of understanding of life processes.   Patents have been applied for and received, and the new (altered DNA) organisms have been sold widely as products, especially in agriculture.


We now have out in Nature organisms that have been lifted out of the web of life, altered in a laboratory, and then returned and set free in the womb of these very complicated and delicate ecologies.   Does anyone really think we have a mature enough understanding to act in this way?

Clearly we have not.   For the fact is that already we have had altered plant organisms acting in the environment in unpredicted ways.  In spite of the assurances of leading scientists, working for these corporations, our knowledge is clearly limited, and unwanted consequences are already occuring.   Here is a link to the best website on these questions: The Nature Institute.  And, here is a link to Barry Commoner's Harper's Article: Unravelling the DNA Myth - The Spurious Foundation of Genetic Engineering.
This is a situation which will only get worse.

Basically we have profit driven organizations seeking to apply deep alterations of the natural environment at the same time as they believe in an illusion.   They think they understand the natural world, but do not.   What is worse is that they have every reason for appreciating the limits of their knowledge, but greed exceeds caution (witness the recent acts of British Petroleum in the Gulf). 


Moreover, the premise of predictability is not just scientifically unsound; it is morally irresponsible. The safety of our food is being put at risk in a cavalier, if not callous, fashion, not only in disregard of scientific knowledge, but in disregard of recent technological history. 

Here, too, lessons should have been learned from the physical sciences. Time and again, the overhasty application of nuclear technologies led to numerous health and environmental disasters. 

For example, in the early days of nuclear technology, the rush to commercialize led to the sale of radium tipped wands designed to remove facial hair. Nine months later the cancers came.  Similarly, the failure to comprehend the full range of risks and to proceed with prudence has led to many disasters in the nuclear power industry.

In the case of genetic engineering, even greater caution is called for: a nuclear disaster only lasts 10,000 years, whereas  gene pollution is forever--self-perpetuating and irreversible.

The irresponsible behavior that permitted the marketing of bioengineered foods has not been limited to the scientific  community, but includes the executive branch of the federal government. The FDA's internal records reveal that its own experts clearly recognized the potential for gene-splicing to induce production of unpredicted toxins and carcinogens in the resultant food. These same records reveal that these warnings were covered up by FDA political appointees operating under a White House directive to promote the biotech industry.  It is unconscionable that the FDA claimed itself unaware of any information showing that bioengineered foods differ from others, when its own files are filled with such information from its scientific staff. And it is unconscionable that it permits such novel foods to be marketed based on the claim they are recognized as safe by an overwhelming consensus within the scientific community, when it knows such a consensus does not exist.

The StarLink fiasco further demonstrates the shoddiness of the government's regulation, since the system failed to keep even an unapproved bioengineered crop out of our food. 

Indeed, the contamination was discovered not by the government, but by public interest groups. The FDA had no clue and had taken no measures to monitor. This incident also demonstrates how difficult it will be to remove a bioengineered product from our food supply if it is eventually found to be harmful and, therefore, how important it is to prevent the introduction of new ones and to phase out those currently in use.

It is high time that science and the truth be respected, and that the false pretenses enabling the commercialization of bioengineered foods be acknowledged and abolished. I call upon the members of this panel to uphold sound science so that you can hold your own heads up as the facts about the hazards of bioengineered food become increasingly well known.  I call upon you not only to resist the pressures to approve the pesticidal protein in StarLink Corn; I call upon you to honestly acknowledge the inherent risks of genetic engineering and to affirm that, due to these risks, neither StarLink nor any other bioengineered food can be presumed safe at the present stage of our knowledge."

For a deeper understanding of these issues go to:

Let us return to the initial question, which concerns the collapse of our present civilization.

In the above example, we have looked at a situation where those who understand our limits of knowledge are being ignored by those who prefer their own profits and powers over the risks to the rest of us.   This is essentially a moral failure, or better yet a moral weakness in the fundamental structures of our society.  This problem of moral weakness in the social order has been discussed in detail in the essay Basic Conceptions: fundamentals of a new social view .

In this case we have not just a simple moral failure, of the kind that happens all the time in the relations of individuals to each other, but rather a fundamental structural dissonance at macro levels of the social organism.   The food supply of our civilization has become dominated by agribusiness, which continues to demonstrate that it is incapable of acting for the benefit of the whole.   While Civil Society (in its present configuration) opposes this, it currently lacks the capacity to heal the dissonance.
Now it is not the thesis of this essay to suggest that this macro dissonance is going to be the cause of a fall of our civilization.  

The point is otherwise.



If one looks around at the current phenomena of our civilization, a number of such fundamental functional dissonances can be seen to exist.  Moreover, they frequently interact and often are interdependent.   A collapse of one system, may weaken, or even bring about the collapse of others.

....  It does concern something we all know about, which we recognize as the creation and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Now there is a level where this involves a gap between knowledge and reality, namely in that we created these weapons telling ourselves that it would be possible to contain or control their use.   This is a kind of psychological illusion - this belief that we can somehow keep these weapons from being used.   History certainly does not support such a view, and the fact that their use is to many "unthinkable", we know that they will be used.   The atomic bomb has been used in Japan, and bacteriological weapons were used in Iraq and Iran.  The real foolishness is to not expect them to be used.   In fact, if there is a serious environmental collapse, or an economic collapse, the likelihood of the use of weapons of mass destruction (now that so many nations - and even some individuals or small groups - have them) increases.

* (Above excerpts first written by Joel A. Wendt
around the year 2000)


1 Samuel 4:21 And she named the child Ichabod, saying, The glory is departed from Israel: because the ark of God was taken, and because ofher father in law and her husband. "Words from the Father" to Stephen Hanson: "This nation isn't going to rebound and come unto her glory. For her glory has been taken away from her. For you oh America are no longer to be called the land of the ....

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