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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2013: Will Debt Lead To World War?

January 1, 2013, 
Submitted by: Ken (Modern Survival Blog)

2013 is here, and so are the predictions. While scanning other sites, listening to interviews, and reading the opinions of others in the alternative media, it seems that during 2013 and the few years that follow, we may be facing more of the same… but worse.
One thing’s for certain, we haven’t solved any of the fiscal problems that we as a people, nation (and world) are facing… World debt is staggering and has never been higher. Currencies are debasing in a desperate race to hold the weight of the debt burden above it. We are ever closer to facing a day of reckoning when this enormous bubble will burst into a shocking reality of payment for our excesses. The politicians and main stream media are struggling to keep the truth from the masses while more and more of what’s left of ‘thinking people’ are seeing, hearing, and realizing the magnitude of the situation we’re facing. One reason we have not already dropped into the abyss is due to the blind faith of enough gullible and short-sited people who are too busy or distracted, too brainwashed or lacking in brain power, or without incentive or motivation to look beyond what is presented in front of them by our main stream media and marketed entertainment…
Falling into the abyss may not be so bad for those who are ready for it, and for those who have already adapted a lifestyle which will be minimally impacted by the consequences. While to most it may have seemed ‘un-American’ to pay down or pay off debt, to stop spending and leveraging their monies to live a lifestyle beyond their means, to buy hard assets with cold hard cash, to begin living a lifestyle that fits within the financial income available to them… all this will be the new ‘old’ American way, when and after TSHTF. The unfortunate and disastrous consequence though will be the ensuing desperation and flailing out by those who will be ruined, those who have been depending upon the current system to keep on keeping on.

It won’t be pretty.

2013: Will Debt Lead To World War? | Modern Survival Blog:

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