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Monday, January 28, 2013

Mutant mosquito experiment in Florida Keys worrisome

National Top News |

Mutant mosquito introduction plans for the Florida Keys to combat Dengue Fever is sparking stinging reactions among residents. Already plagued by mosquitoes, the release of genetically-modified insects may cause unintended results in the sun-soaked region.

An employee looks at a giant representation of a mosquito at the Darwin Centre, at The Natural History Museum on September 8, 2009 in London, England.

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images
Monday, WebProNews reported on a UK-based company's intentions to release a species of mosquito that could possibly shorten the lifespan of newly-hatched insects. In doing so, it will lessen the population.In turn, the number of Dengue fever cases is also decreased. That's the theory.
However, some residents in the Florida Keys are not convinced, and are quite spooked by the novel idea of introducing a laboratory-created species into the environment.

Lisa M Vacula ·  Top Commenter · Pick/Pack department at
As part of Agenda 21s plan to "cull the herd" they will release bugs where they messed around with the genome, but it will backfire, because how does a mosquito inject you? it spits into your open wound to release its saliva so that it can act as a coagulent.. the best way to combat mosqitoes? BATS! re-introduce the native bat population because a single bat can eat 10 times its weight in bugs in a night.. don't let water stand in pools... DON'T PLAY GOD... LEAVE THE BUGS ALONE!

  • Lisa M Vacula ·  Top Commenter · Pick/Pack department at has all the details on the mutilated insect population.. yes, they are trying to make it sound harmless and good.. but when they run out of bugs.. your next...

Mutant mosquito experiment in Florida Keys worrisome - National Top News |

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