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Monday, January 07, 2013

Sewing-Essential Survival Skill

Survival Item – Sewing Kit

Nothing screams rough and tough survivalist guy like carrying a good old fashion sewing kit!

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rough tough survivalist guy 

Alright, so that may be pushing it a little far.
In reality most people would probably laugh at the thought of a grown man carrying a sewing kit for survival. But who cares! Just because most people wouldn’t think of packing one, doesn’t mean you should overlook its importance.
In my opinion, having a sewing kit is an essential part of being prepared and has many uses out in the wilderness.
You Survival Sewing Kit:
To start with your kit should be able to:
  • repair clothing
  • fix a ripped tent or tarp
  • mend backpacks and sleeping bags
  • and in an emergency should be able to stitch up a wound.
A survival sewing kit is usually pretty small and often contains items that might not be in an ordinary run of the mill kit. For instance, instead of regular sewing thread, I like to pack dental floss or fishing line in my kit. The reason I do this, is because of it’s ability to used for more than just sewing.
Fishing line is a lot stronger than thread, and is a far better option when putting together a survival sewing kit.
Here are a few things that you may want to add to your survival sewing kit:
  1. Buttons
  2. Various Size Needles
  3. Thimble to push needles through heavy tarps or animal hides
  4. Self cutting Grommets for tarps and tents
  5. Duct Tape
  6. Thick rubber, plastic and canvas patches
  7. Small scissors
  8. Fishing line or filament.

Mark B says:
I do some sewing as a hobby and I found I can put a nice length of monofilament onto a sewing machine bobbin that fits in a sewing kit quite nicely. Plus the small spool makes using the line for actually fishing with a handline a bit more manageable.
Nice site very good information, well presented. Thanks.
  1. Basic sewing tips for beginners:

Before starting a sewing project or item it’s quite important to first test how your sewing skills are. First get to know your sewing machine and all its settings. Get some scrap fabrics and sew all kinds of patterns, till you are satisfied with your results.

  • Decide on your sewing project or item and make sure it’s not too difficult for the first project. If you aren’t sure maybe get a basic pattern for a garment for example a basic T-shirt or even a small bag. You can normally buy these patterns online or any fabric shop.
  • Read your instructions carefully on the pattern; make sure you get the right fabric and accessories.
  • I normally start with fusing parts after I cut out the parts and the start sewing. Now before you start to sew you can either pin the parts or hand sew it roughly together. I don’t even bother these days as I have been doing it for years now and I’m quite confident.
  • Make sure you do not oil your sewing machine before sewing as it can mess in your fabric.
  • I first test a small piece of the fabric to make sure the tension of my machine is correct. Now you should be able to start sewing.
  • After your garment is done you can iron to make it look neat.
  • Have patience with yourself, it happens when you make mistakes and have to unpick. Unfortunately is all part of sewing.
  • If you are really struggling to sewing or start a project, I would suggest go for sewing classes. Some fabric shops and sewing machine shops normally offer classes. They are really helpful and you learn a lot.
These are some of my basic sewing tips for beginners. Good luck with your first sewing project and hope these tips are helpful to you.



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Sewing Skills
« on: August 19, 2012, 02:21:03 AM »
I was just wondering about sewing in the context of survival skills.  If things go very bad, we won't be able to go to WalMart for clothing and the stuff we already have is cheaply made, so it probably won't hold up.

So, have you thought about sewing skills, sewing equipment, patterns, and fabric in your supplies?   

Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

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