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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

As Goes Egypt, So Does the Rest of the Arab Spring

The Cutting Edge News:

The Arab Winter of Rage

January 29th 2013
Jump at Cops

The U.S. appears to acknowledge the economic and political mess that the last two years 
have brought to the Arab world and Africa generally in high-flown rhetoric devoid of reference 
to American interests. But things appear to be getting much worse quickly.  

We have been watching it accelerating in Libya and Syria, the Maghreb and Sahel, and now 
in Arab-Spring  “poster-child” Egypt.

Charles Holmes, writing for Foreign Policy, calls what’s going on “a confrontation with modernity.” Arab regimes have been repressing political opposition for a very long time, and neither Arab nationalism nor Arab socialism or Baathism has yielded an antidote to the region’s economic primitivism and potential for violence created by economic failure. Holmes likes to blame former Egyptian president, Gamal Abdel Nasser (1956-1970), and sees Morsi’s regime as the end of the line for all things Nasserite. He may be right in a way, but Morsi’s imposition of Shari’a, is unlikely to be challenged simply for being “unmodern.”
Repression of political forces riled up by economic deprivation is legion in the Arab/Muslim world, and is hardly limited to Muslim Brotherhood controlled countries. The Saudis, the UAE and Qatar have long enforced Shari’a, suppressing their subjects’ individual and political freedoms, that is, when they’ve not been busy buying off the organizations that claim to represent the dispossessed. Given recent events, and the rise of the Muslim-Brotherhood—style political movements, the ultimate question is whether the downtrodden could eventually put an end to the traditional repressive and utterly corrupt regimes of the region.


The latest violent episode in Egypt has certainly put to rest the old theory that once the Brotherhood showed that it could not govern, the military would step back in. The past five days would seem to have given the military an opportunity if it had a plan for serious opposition to the current regime. Clearly, it doesn’t.
Rachel Ehrenfeld, director of the Economic Warfare Institute (EWI), is author of "Funding Evil- How Terrorism is financed – and How to Stop It." Ken Jensen also writes for Economic Warfare Institute (EWI).

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