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Friday, January 25, 2013


On 1/24/2013 9:16 PM, PARIS wrote:

By Paul Hume

Scripture Reading: 2 Thes. 2:1-12; Rev. 1:1-8; 9:20-21

Since I love to dabble with the weather, I remember several things in the past connected thereunto. I remember when I still lived in Minneapolis, Minn. how I was caught out in the open in the worst windstorm ever to strike that city. I knew that something radical was approaching that evening. My barometer was falling rapidly; hot, heavy, humid air was upon us; dark thunder-heads were piling up in the southwest; and the air was still as death. After several sharp thundershowers, a "burst" came from the northwest. Winds of above 100 miles per hour hit, blowing from between 80 and 11O miles per hour for almost a half an hour. Rains lashed the city, and great bolts of lightning struck here and there. Wires were down all over; store-fronts were sucked out (an evidence of tornadic conditions); huge trees were uprooted in every block; and streets were washed out in places. What a mess the city was in! Yet, there had been ample warnings!

The "barometer" of time is telling us that terrible, unprecedented days lie ahead. The Word of God amply warns us, and even the secular leaders of our society are warning that civilization is on the brink of a world-wide catastrophe. The "barometer" is dropping. The huge storm clouds are gathering; and thunder is rumbling; and the air is deathly still (with not only its "air pollution;" but its antichrist poisons and lawlessness of every shade and hue). The "things which must speedily come to pass" (Rev. 1:1), (lit. are about to take place). The "consummation of the age" is upon us! Great and terrible days are at hand! What days are these in which to be living--days of great opportunities for the Gospel of the Grace of God!

What should we do? Be terrified? That would be human! But no, for us, we should "take courage" and "redeem the time, for the days are evil." We should "be looking [with expectancy) for that blessed hope," and bless the One Who is still on the throne, and Who is very much in control of things--even the Devil and evil men!

Great days are these, we say again; but greater is our Savior-God who is able "to guard you from stumbling" until that day!"

Let’s focus on the wonders of God’s grace, 
training ourselves to make a spirit of gratitude pervade our lives.
 That’s the way to experience joy today and to be forever joyful. —Vernon C Grounds

Should this Inspirational be a blessing and encouragement to you, why not send to a friend, coworker or, to your loved one who maybe defending the USA. The Word of God is so needed in our troubled world.  It is our heart at GRACE AND THE TRUTH and mission to reach as many people as we possibly can TO SHARE with them the Word of God and all that the Lord Jesus Christ has done for members of the body of Christ.



Grace And The Truth

We are here to help you in your spiritual walk,
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Our Purpose and Mission

The purpose of this ministry 
"Grace and the Truth" is to be a positive force in winning lost souls to Christ; and to enhance fellowship, to encourage, to strengthen, and to establish Christians who are committed to the truths in the Word of God. It is not the purpose of this ministry to rule over any local church or to establish a denomination, to be sectarian, or to be competitive with any organization. We promote personal Bible study for faith practice, and fellowship.
As we go forward with this purpose, We want to encourage you to study the Word, for help in this area subscribe to our in-depth daily devotions.   They are sure to "enhance fellowship," "encourage," "strengthen" and help "establish" us as Christians. We love you and our hope is in Christ.
(Col 1:27  ......... which is , the hope of glory.)

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