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Friday, January 25, 2013


Kentucky - 1/23/13 - Confusion in Corbin over fake "quake". It's been described as an explosion, an earthquake, a thunder roll, or even as small as a car crash. Some say there was one tremor, others say two, one resident said they felt three violent shakes. While the reports vary, the reality is something rattled Corbin around midday on Wednesday.

The Whitley County 911 Call Center made a map estimating the locations of callers to 911 centers in their county as well as in Laurel, Knox and McCreary counties. The tremors were that widespread.

"Just a couple of seconds, it didn't last long. I thought it was thunder and I looked up in the sky and, of course, it was sunny and cold out. It couldn't be thunder." One person said dishes began falling into her sink. "I actually had my coffee pot break from my refrigerator. I was thinking oh my god, is my trailer going to fall apart? Or is the ground going to split open or something? I mean it was horrible!"

The tremors were widespread. "We've yet to determine what this was. It sounded like a minor earthquake, but we can't get it verified." The University of Kentucky Geological Survey said, "I took a look through our records and so far I haven't seen anything that does not look uncharacteristic." 

Several mining companies were called to see if they were blasting in the area that could explain the shaking. They all denied it, saying their blasts are typically smaller and kept to a mile-wide radius. The Whitley County Emergency Management Director said he began trying to solve the mystery as soon as it happened. He checked every possible blasting site, and said he still had not found the answer. He has not found any major damage to the area. Still, those who felt the tremors want answers, but for now they'll have to wait. 

No earthquake near Corbin - After the ground started shaking in parts of southern and eastern Kentucky, officials with the University of Kentucky Geological Survey said they didn’t see anything unusual. They say they have recorded seismic activity at stations across the state, but the readings are nothing out of the ordinary. "There is a lot of activity but it's normal." Most of the recorded data is mine blasting that is common in the region.

Montana - 1/21 - 1/23/13 - Mysterious Loud "Booms". Dozens reported loud “booms” heard throughout the community all week. Officials confirmed that the Security Forces Tactical Response Force conducted "Explosive Detonation Training" on Wednesday until 4PM at Malmstrom Air Force Base.

However, Malmstrom says Wednesday’s training is not responsible for the other loud booms heard earlier this week - so if you have an idea as to what is causing these loud “booms,” head on over to KFBB’s Facebook page, you might just see one of your comments here on ABC 5!

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