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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Dutchsinse -FULL Recap Volcanic Plumes California

Uploaded by  on Aug 3, 2011
the message to the skeptical person on this :

" i understand your skepticism."

PLEASE watch this video in its entire length.. THEN respond if you still feel I am wrong for looking into this further than just dismissing it outright .. or blindly trusting the USGS (or others).

I won't believe 100% until i see video of it.. like the Baja plume today. I will be a 95 - 99% on this until someone gets a undeniable shot.

Skeptics will settle for nothing less than video proof of some kind of plume--- we can do this!! becuase WE SAW A SERIES OF PLUMES on visible satellite, AND on RADAR... and now ALSO on video.

None of this is adding up to be a regular "fire" ... only at volcanoes?! ... and Since the USGS put themselves in a box on this... and said officially it was a thunderstorm AND ALSO they said (lol) a dustdevil...

Other skeptics have said, a PLANE CRASH, a METEOR, Military testing, flocks of birds, dust storm, and some have said we downright FAKED all the satellite footage.


Here are the videos i made IN ORDER .. from oldest (july 23, 2011.. until today Aug, 3, 2011 )

First... link to the back dated images for NEXRAD :

Second, here are the coordinates of all the observed plumes:

heres google earth link to download and view these coordinates..

cut and paste the coordinates below : All have appeared in the past 10 days... from today... 8/1/2011 9pm CST.

plume in oregon, north central.. :

43°24'54.19"N , 120°48'13.65"W

Plume north of mount shasta California:

41°43'46.60"N , 122°13'22.99"W

plume just south of CA border by meiss lake :

41°58'13.83"N , 122° 8'30.36"W

Plume in northwest nevada:

41°34'42.73"N , 119°15'45.08"W

Pisgah craters volcanic plume -- 34°37'9.80"N , 116°17'31.81"W

black hills volcanic plume -- 35°25'40.25"N , 117°12'49.15"W

mono lake volcanic plume -- 37°43'18.08"N , 118°53'6.09"W

California / Nevada border volcanic plume -- 35°29'51.35"N , 115°34'29.36"W

Slate Mountains Nevada VERY LARGE volcanic plume -- 39° 9'48.73"N , 118°12'51.74"W

East Nevada volcanic Plume -- 38°10'12.03"N , 115°16'0.18"W

hells canyon plume:

43°58'41.10"N , 121°23'45.24"W

here are the associated videos Ive done from OLDEST to youngest:

july 23, 2011 -

at first .. i thought it was a wildfire - video below :

then I realized it was coming from a volcanic lava field area:

July 24, 2011 -

July 25, 2011 -

July 26, 2011 -

July 28, 2011 -

July 29, 2011 -

July 31, 2011 -

Newest videos :

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1 comment:

  1. Funny thing, is that I live within a 20 minute walk to Pipes Canyon Volcano just outside of Yucca Valley, California, and within a 3-4 hour walk to a growing volcano in Covington Flats, in the Joshua Tree National Park. This week both volcanos have had a series of 2 to 3 micro-quakes. I feel little tremors all the time. A few week ago, I smelled what reminded me of the smell of hydrocarbons, like tar. When I visit the Salton Buttes Volcano, 60 miles or so to the south, I do indeed smell the smell of what reminds me of an oil refinery. Back in March, I took a trip with educated friends to Salton Buttes Volcano, and we swear we saw smoke in the area, maybe right at the volcano. It lasted a half an hour. When we got very close to the volcano, there was residual smoke, in small traces, along the shore of the Salton Sea, where there are some newer mud pots. The mud pots in the area around the volcano are new vents reaching the surface over the last 70-100 years or so. The Mojave volcanos are basalt volcanos and are a part of the the Young Mojave Volcano system. They are associated with an active spreading or rifting zone, and the East California Shear Zone. I'm shooting a documentary on this zone. Since I live in the area, I will indeed have a camera with me at al times and will happily share any activity I see from our local volcanos.

    Here's my blog entry last night on thunderstorm activity over the volcanos, and two nights in a row, an intense thunderstorm would park in the Pisgah Crater area and shoot of very frequent lightning. The storm in this blog entry video is a storm parked over Pipes Canyon Volcano. This was just a few nights ago. I feel that the magma below, the ionosphere and the lightning is interactive.

    Keep up your good work! Thanks for shedding light on something I've suspected.


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