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Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Uploaded by  on Aug 3, 2011
captured and uploaded under the SPANISH word for geyser .. fumarola on july 27, 2011 .. right at the time of the venting up north !

Location: 27.5N, 112.6W

quote :

"It is located near the E coast of Baja California, a region not usually noted for being volcanic. Volcan de las 3 Virgenes erupted last in the late 1700's.

This photo has been annotated to show you that volcanoes are almost always made up of the products of many different eruptions, and even if they look like nice simple cones, they are actually quite complicated. Volcan de las 3 Virgenes has erupted a remarkable variety of lava types, namely basalt, andesite, and dacite."

here is the original video:

view back dated NEXRAD RADAR images from far south california at station YUX to see any possible Baja Plume from July 27, 2011.

much love





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Uploader Comments (dutchsinse)

  • you CANNOT give me a MSM report as "proof" of a fire.. sorry.. i don't by the fire in a crater theory...
    and NOLINKNEWS is trying to say its a geothermal plant atop that mountain !
    you critics need to get your stories straight.. which is it.. geothermal plant or a wild fire in the CENTER of a crater .. lol
    want to buy a bridge in NYC... ?

Top Comments

  • my goodness ...what is the deal with all this only shows us WHO YOU REALLY ARE! Dutchsinse is only turning us on to what he is observing and suggesting we all check things out and try to gather more information. THIS MAN is doing us a BIG serivice and only being truthful....there is no fear, no misrepresentation on his channel...why don't you guys pack up and leave ...repeated negative posts are very revealing....we KNOW what this channel is about and it's about LOVE...!!

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