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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tropical Storm Irene moves into northeastern Caribbean, could threaten Florida - South Florida

Tropical Storm Irene moves into northeastern Caribbean, could threaten Florida - South Florida

Tropical Storm Irene is strengthening as it moves toward Puerto Rico, said the 11 p.m. National Hurricane Center advisory.

It's about 50 miles west-northwest of St. Croix in the Virgin Islands. Earlier Sunday evening the center of the storm passed just a few miles off the coast of that city, the NHC said.

Irene strengthened over Sunday afternoon and evening, its maximum sustained winds going from 50 to 70 mph. It's now moving at about 15 mph heading northwest.

The storm will probably keep heading in that direction over the next few days, the advisorys aid. It might hit south Florida later this week. The storm may become a hurricane by Monday.

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doesn't exist and is never mentioned or WARNED about....?

[Drudge - storm track]

Drudge Report headline: "Computer Tracks Put Florida on Storm Watch" with the [above] image of possible path of next week's possible STORM, which many are concerned with and are already warning some of Gulf Coast and Florida region to be on WATCH with the possible Thursday/Friday time frame...! and also check for any updates Monday, onward at the DEYO website .....

There were 2 Major Earthquakes yesterday, August 20 in the Vanuatu Region, with one a 7.1 magnitude and another a 7.0 magnitude. Also many aftershocks in 5-5.7+ range and 4+ range. Also a 3.3 magnitude Earthquake in Iceland and many EQ's happening in the Puerto Rico region, Russia's Kamchatka & Alaska region. Indonesiaregion is busy last few days too...!

AND am also watching closely the situation in the Middle East with Israel, Gaza, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Iran pulling the strings....! There is real concern with Israel and another WAR of any kind, that it will not be small and simple, but might somehow get out of control.......! And the Libya situation is very difficult to gauge, as the details reported vary by the source...? Depends whose saying

it, as to what is reported...

I have posted almost continually on the Yahoo Group site for the last 36 hours, it just keeps on going and I keep on posting....! So do say SORRY for so much NEWS posts, except the news is valid and needful that one be kept up-to-date, much as possible. + may I say that within America there too is DANGER, believe it or not. And I will try to put out a BLOG Alert if it is necessary ~ We're almost to September/October.......! Just following the events and trying to track them, so much, so fast,,,,

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Search & Win

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