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Friday, August 19, 2011

Third Giant Dust Storm Arizona

Image: Lightning reveals a large layer of dust in the sky over Gilbert, Ariz

Metropolitan Phoenix is shaking itself off Friday after a giant wall of dust smacked the city for the third time within the last six weeks, turning the skies brown and coating anything left outside in a thin layer of fine dirt.
The wall of dust, known as a haboob, was 1,000 feet high and traveled at least 50 miles into metro Phoenix and neighboring Pinal County on Thursday evening before dissipating.
National Weather Service meteorologist Ken Waters said the area is experiencing a typical number of dust storms this year, but what sets this season apart from others is the size and power of three of the storms.
"Each year, you are going to get some variety of the dust storms," Waters said. "We don't see a single causative factor for why they seem to be stronger this year."
They don't see 2012, Elenin coming, solar activity,or whatever it is that is pulling on the earth, causing the bizarre weather, earthquakes, climate change,and - larger than usual dust storms.
These are SIGNS.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

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