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Monday, August 15, 2011

You still don't believe Nibiru is on its Way?

Well, something is coming.  

Things are happening.  Too many.  
We have been told to watch for the signs. 

Uploaded by  on Feb 23, 2011
In the first 50 days of this year we have experienced everything, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, meteors, mass animal deaths, and snow storms. These things do occur but they never occur all at the same time. This, at least for me, raises many flags. But when you add these things to the actions of those in charge, you can only come to one solution. Nibiru is coming and they are preparing to same themselves. I believe that people have the right to know what is coming so they can prepare as best they can. The problem is that those in charge are worried you may overpower them to save yourselves and they need to secure there riches and their families before they tell you anything, if at all. Extinction Level Event Notable Impact Nemesis = ELENIN the forerunner of Nibiru...

Some comments:

  • arth goes through changes the same as we go through the seasons. It's that time of change, and the sun controls this. 2012 will be a time of great change. Solar sun flares will hit hard. possible that we will have no power for months! Solar flares could effect nucler power plants! GET READY!
  • nobody can perdict the end and the bible says the end will come when we least expect it. So the way I see it is if there are tons of people expecting it ,it wont happen cause like the bible says the end will come when we least expect it and for those who want to be stupid and talk bad about my religion i respect your view on religion and godand hope you will find jesus one day peace and love to everybody and have a nice 2012 and many other years to come.
  • Every time the earth, comet elinen and the sun have aligned, there has been a disaster. When they aligned the chilli earthquake happened. And when they aligned again the Japan earthquake happened. Some speculate that it isn't a comet, some say it's a dwarf star, some say it's planet x - who knows? Nasa has confirmed that it is 6 times the size of the earth. It IS heading our way, the next alignment is september is going to be VERY close to us at that time. I wonder what will happen.



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Friday, July 22, 2011

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  2. Anonymous3:40 PM

    In response to Nothingbutfate who says "nobody can predict the end and the bible says the end will come when we least expect it. So the way I see it is if there are tons of people expecting it ,it wont happen cause like the bible says the end will come when we least expect it" Yes, you are correct, NO one can PREDICT the END and it will come upon the world like a thief in the night--when they don't expect it, HOWEVER, Gods people are given the "signs of the times' and told to WATCH and PRAY Always that you are accounted worthy to escape these things coming upon the world--for this generation will not pass until all these things are fulfilled. Indeed, we are given the "signs of the times' to WATCH for. In Matt. Chapter24 the LORD tells us what "signs' to watch for...and that there will be signs in the Sun, the Moon and the Stars along with everything in that chapter along with the warnings of the DESTROYER in the book of Jeremiah and many more signs like "The earth will rock to and fro like a drunkard"...but we (the lords people) are not in darkness that that night should overcome us as a thief in the night. THEREFORE--When you see all these things, look up and KNOW that YOUR REDEMPTION is Nigh (close, soon). When we study Gods INSPIRED Word--we study to show thyself approved, seek and you will find, ask and it shall be given you--as in the WORD of GOD is REVEALED. This generation is now witnessing the Time of JACOBS sorrow or the TIME of TROUBLES. As children of GOD and students of HIS Word--We can KNOW and Recognize the SIGNS the LORD has told us to watch for--like the Birth Pains of a Woman in Labor--they will begin-the birth contractions and as the time to delivery comes closer--the birth contractions increase in number and intensity. THE SIGNS of Great EARTH CHANGES are UPON US NOW and are INCREASING IN STRENGTH, NUMBERS, and INTENSITY. There is NO Denying what is taken place upon the world and upon this sinful generation. Righteous is the LORD in all things. Let him come soon. Peace be to all the members of Christ and his bride. Godspeed brothers and sisters in Christ...look up...WATCH and PRAY always that you are accounted worthy to escape the things coming upon the earth.

    OH and just fyi...the "leaders' have built a Doomsday SEED Vault and also D.U.M.B.S. for themselves...look it up.


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