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Sunday, August 14, 2011

ALERT: Native American, Mayan Warnings for August, 2011

It cannot be denied that there has been an increase in earthquakes, volcanic activity, fish kills, sink holes, bizarre weather, climate change recently.  

Deep Impact" Comet Elenin Turning into Reality 

Solar flares, solar storms, solar x-ray flux and geomagnetic intensities have been prominent in the last few weeks. 

Speculation abounds about the curiously named Leonid Elenin's Comet Elenin heading near the vicinity of earth.  Pole Shift, Magnetic shifts, the Dwarf star, Niburu, Planet X, entering into the comet's debris field are foremost in our concerns these days.  

(See: Deep Impact" movie  of Comet Elenin Turning into Reality) 

The Mayan calendar, precession of the equinoxes, ancient Egyptian and Indian Vedic records indicate a converging of three cycles, soon.  Some say around 2012, but of course signs such as solar flares, earthquakes, climate changes, bizarre weather are starting in advance of 2012.  

According to Mitch Battros Earth Change Media's, comment regarding the Mayan Elders' warnings, we should be experiencing some drastic happenings in the 'last 10 days of August".  Red Elk, a Native American seer also has been having visions and dreams for many years about earth changes, and concurs with the Mayan Elders' warnings.

Email from Red Elk:

August 14, 2011

Hummm. tecnicle to me, but at least understandabel.  Can NOT say TIME ACCRICY....but CAN that these things WILL be.
HUGE CHANGES as the 4 hoorsemen ride about.  MANY hapenings.  TERRIFYING ONES at times.

WELL above the norm.   Sigh

As for "Watch the water"...YES, DO SO!  MORE involved then this man tells OR KNOWS.

ODD....even SCARY, Changes.  Just Plain FRIGHTENING!
Exspect mass FISH deaths.   HUGE amounts.
Water  that BOILS!  SULPHER n HEAT dissrupting long standing GOOD FISHING areas.
This, in turn, will put MANY Comm. Boats AND PROCCESING PLANTS into CLOSED DOWN mode.
Much drop in Salmon TOO.  Dead b4 they can get to thier breeding areas inland.
Heck, it will be hard to CATCH even a PERCH in time!
So; FOOD "dissapiering"....and NOT JUST TO MAN!
ALL animals connected to the seas will be "in need" too.  DIEING due to its lack.

Hibranation deaths (others other then bears hybranate), many WINTER KILLED (not enough fat builup)

But eat WHERE?  ALL under the snow.  Grubs etc. deep in it within bark.  BEARS CANT GET ENOUGH...SO ; "GO to MAN".  Starved bears (AND mice / etc.) HEADING TO HOMES to locate n raid.
SHOT DEAD to protect home livers.



Yes, MUCH to consiter in "Watch The Water".

Short Stories: Tellings Of A Medicine Man/Wakhan  (Paperback - Feb 24, 2011)

Quotes from Mitch Battros' Earth Changes Media

Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media:  Mitch Studio
I have received further notice from Mayan elders saying it will be the last ten days of August which will reflect the prophetic predictions from ancient text. I believe all earth changing events will be ushered in by an escalation is solar activity.
Even as of this writing, we are still under the influence of August 5ththru 9th solar activity but to a lesser degree. This was due to a 'compounding' effect of solar flares, cmes, and coronal holes converging to form a continuous stream of high speed solar winds.
Elders tell us to "watch the water". National Hurricane Center now predicts "unusually active season". NOAA issued its updated 2011 Atlantic hurricane season outlook raising the number of expected named storms from its pre-season outlook issued in May. Based on new atmospheric and ocean conditions, the confidence for an above-normal season has increased from 65 percent in May to 85 percent. Full Article -

By Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media
Jul 25, 2011 - 4:55:14 PM

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I have received notice stating Mayan elders wish to contact me regarding events they believe to be coming in August. I believe the subject to be of earth changing events and geo-political fallout.

As related to geo-political, I can't help but think these issues would encompass the United States monetary position in the world's economy. There have also been predictions of a single strike nuclear exchange between Pakistan and India. It would appear this event has become more tangible than ever before.  

The reason Precession occurs is that the Earth not only rotates on its axis … otherwise known as the Axis Munde or World Pillar … it also wobbles. This wobble effect is a phenomenon caused by forces exerted by the Sun on the bulges of the Earth at the Equator. 
Contributing Sources: 

Precession of  the Equinoxes

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