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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mike is at the Temple battling principalities...

...and powers

I am at the Temple site right now with Glenn Beck. There is a massive spiritual battle taking place—we are fighting against principalities and powers. Satan wants the Holy City, and he is now unleashing all of his demonic powers against the nation of Israel. There are five thousand television stations and 16 satellite networks covering this event. This is a prophetic first—something that has never happened before.

And together you and I are defending Israel, not just in the physical realm but also in the spiritual. I am here as your ambassador, speaking truth to the world and calling all people to stand with Israel. We are now less than thirty days away from the UN vote on Palestinian statehood; the clock is ticking, and we must do all that we can now for Israel before it is too late.

Many Israelis came to me with tears in their eyes after I spoke and told me how moved they were by my testimony. See it here:

In addition to your prayers for this special event, I also ask that you join me in prayer regarding the $350,000 we need to defend Israel this month through our urgent campaign to expose the anti-Semitism behind the plan to divide the Promised Land and the Holy City of Jerusalem. Thus far $86,600 has come in toward this goal. Please pray that every beloved lover of Israel who gives will receive a commanded blessing on their lives.

This is our time—now is our moment. God has brought us together at the crossroads for this defining moment in human history. Will you help me stand for Israel? Will you pray for God's blessing and protection for me on this vital trip? Will you give to meet the needs of the Jewish people and allow me to continue to stand for them on the world stage?

Every nation and individual that supports the plan to curse Israel and steal from her the land God promised the Jews as an eternal possession will suffer His chastisement and judgment. Every nation and individual that opposes this plan and stands with Israel as a blessing to her will enjoy His blessing. That is why we have launched a national campaign to rally opposition to the Obama Administration's plan, to expose the anti-Semitism that lies behind world efforts to curse Israel, and to support the Jewish people. Your gift today to bless Israel is urgently needed.

America is on a prophetic countdown to the gravest days in our history. In a few weeks, a vote will be taken at the United Nations that will force America to choose between standing with Israel and standing with her enemies. Israeli leaders have asked the Jerusalem Prayer Team for its support at the United Nations and a week later as the nations of the world gather for the demonic Durban III conference to continue accusing Zionists of being racists. The first Durban Conference occurred in 2001. At that conference, the Palestinians distributed copies of the anti-Semitic The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion to all delegates. It was the most evil, anti-Semitic UN assembly ever against Israel.

The conference ended on September 8, 2001...and 72 hours later, the US was attacked by Radical Islam. I can assure you that in the spirit realm, this was no coincidence. God's Word promises a curse on any nation that touches Jerusalem. Once before, an American President attempted to divide Jerusalem and surrender the Temple Mount to radical Islam. That president was Bill Clinton. Now President Obama plans to do the same—this time by formally recognizing a Palestine State at the UN in September within days of the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

I do not believe for a second that all the economic and political turmoil America is going through is coincidental. America needs Divine intervention that can only come from God's people standing in the gap like Esther. This national campaign will cost $350,000. I am asking every Jerusalem Prayer Team member to stand up to Jew hatred like Corrie ten Boom and her family did in Holland during the Holocaust.

In my new book, The Protocols, I reveal how so many of the modern expressions of anti-Semitism trace their roots back toThe Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. I wrote this thriller,The Protocols, to expose to the world the fact that although it was uncovered as a forgery not long after it was written, millions of people today still accept it as truth...and act on that false belief. My new book is a chilling look at how the tentacles of hatred of Jews reach even into our own country.



When you send your gift of $30 or more, we will send you a copy of The Protocols. This powerful book explains the anti-Semitism behind the plot to divide Jerusalem and curse Israel. If you are able to send a gift of $80 or more, we will send you an autographed hardback copy. This is the truth that our world most urgently needs to hear today. You can see a brief highlight from the gala launch event at the Begin Center below.

If you are able to send a gift of $150 or more for this national campaign, we will send you this beautiful silver finish menorah in addition to the autographed hardback copy of The Protocols. This ancient symbol of God's presence among His people will be a constant reminder to you and to all those who see it of your support for the Jewish people and the nation of Israel, and a wonderful reminder to you to continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
If you are able to send a gift of $1,000 or more, we will send you the book, the menorah and this beautiful, large hand-crafted silver-trimmed shofar. It is a museum-quality piece and will be a constant expression of your love for the Chosen People.


Tamar Raveh, daughter of Gideon Hausner, former Israeli Attorney General and Chief Prosecutor at the Adolf Eichmann Trial, said, “There is a lot of resemblance between my father’s activities and [Mike's] activities nowadays. Both of them put for them a goal to fight anti-Semitism. My father did it when he revealed the anti-Semitism of the Nazis, and Mike is doing it now when he shows the hypocrisy of the world toward the Jews. I think Mike is doing a great job. He’s a dear friend of Israel and of ours—me and my husband—and I’m very, very happy to be his friend forever.”


The Jerusalem Prayer Team has set up a dedicated prayer wall especially for this campaign to defend Israel. Post your prayers that God will guide your nation and turn the hearts of your leaders toward Israel...that He will grant Israel His favor and guard and defend His Chosen People. Your prayers will be an encouragement to others, and we ask that you take a moment to share your prayers for the Jewish state...and that you continue to pray faithfully for the peace of Jerusalem.

Your support of the Jerusalem Prayer Team makes it possible for us to continue to stand for Israel on the world stage, to rally Believers across the globe to join in fervent intercession for Israel, and to meet the urgent humanitarian needs of the Chosen People. Thank you so much for being part of the team.

Barukh atah Adonai eloheinu melekh ha-olam, ozier Yisrael bigvurah.

Blessed art thou, Lord our God, King of the universe, who girds Israel with might.

Your ambassador to Jerusalem,

Dr. Michael Evans

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