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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hurricane Irene Cat 3, Huge Storm, Videos

May Impact New York, Eastern Seaboard

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Now a Category 3, Latest on Hurricane Irene, moving up the east coast Bahamas Florida South Carolina North Carolina Virginia Maryland New Jersey New York. Copyrights go to The Weather Channel.

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Hurricane Irene remains on course to batter the east coast of the United States this weekend, as extraordinary images from space reveal the scale of the powerful storm.

Irene strengthened to a Category Three storm, with winds of 120mph (195km) as it continued to wreak havoc across the Caribbean and edged towards the US mainland.
Live television pictures from the International Space Station, orbiting the earth 200 miles up, showed the sheer size of Irene's cyclonic cloud.
Irene could be upgraded to a Category Four - classified as having winds of up to 155mph - within 24 hours.
The first hurricane of this year's storm season is expected to gather power as it races across the warm waters of the Caribbean in the next 48 hours.
Forecasters say it could threaten densely populated centres in the north-east, including New York and Philadelphia, with its predicted path also passing close by major tourist destinations on the coast of the Carolinas.
It is expected to miss Florida and Georgia.
Bill Read, director of the US National Hurricane Centre, said: "The exact centre of the storm may actually stay pretty close to the coastline during the day on Saturday and then become a big threat for New England and perhaps Long Island on Sunday.
"Be advised, it is going to be a very large circulation as it moves north of the Carolinas."
Irene would be the first hurricane to make direct landfall in the United States since Hurricane Ike hit Texas in 2008, and authorities have warned people to make emergency preparations.
Some islands off North Carolina's Outer Banks have already been evacuated.
People up and down the coast have been stocking up on food and water with shops also reporting a run on batteries and generators and plywood for boarding up windows.
Even if the centre of the hurricane stays offshore, forecasters said it could still lash cities including Washington and New York with rain and winds strong enough to knock out power, trigger coastal storm surges and cause flooding.
Laura Southard, emergency department spokeswoman for the state of Virginia, said: "We are not paying attention just to the eye of the storm.
"We are looking at how wide it is, how large it is."
President Obama, on holiday in Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts, has been briefed on plans put in place by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
At least one person died when Irene hit the island of Puerto Rico this week.
The storm has caused damage across the Caribbean and major cruise lines have rearranged itineraries for a dozen ships in the region

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