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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nibiru our second Sun and the Spiral sign

Extinction Level Event Notable Impact Nemesis = ELENIN

Uploaded by  on Feb 6, 2011
This video details the coming of Nibiru and its comet forerunners. The signs are all around us but many do not want believe what they are seeing they rather believe a lie. All I can say is your young children and teenagers deserve a chance to live out their lives as you did your. So stop believing everything you are told on the big business media news and do some investigating for your children they deserve a chance to live out their lives. The name "Leo Elenin" is nothing more than a location and definition of the Object in question. " Leo " would be the Constellation LEO from where it will approach the earth and " E.L.E.N.I.N " is defined as, " E-xtinction L-evel E-vent N-otable I-mpact N-emesis = ELENIN

Uploader Comments (BadWolfDaVinci)

  • The spiral is more of a sign that appears in the heavens much like it did in the waters off of Japan after the earthquake hit. What I mean is that the heavens are being shaken or disturbed like the earth and as a result a spiral is appearing in our skies. There could be more to it, and the explanation I am giving here is a basic one but the fact those that where on the mountains getting away from the rising waters felt it prudent to leave that mark on hundreds of mountain sides that's a warning


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Friday, July 22, 2011

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