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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Bill Gates: Depopulate World by 1 BILLION!

The closer we come to 2012, the more the dark forces invade and take over those that have become wealthy and powerful. 

The thing is, wealth brings with it a tendency to want to keep it, to become more powerful. Power and wealth  can become addictions.  Without them even knowing it an addicted person slides into the abyss of selling one's soul, so to speak, to the devil.  This extremely powerful and now desperate dark force goes after the control of the persons in power, the heads of state, the adulated such as TV celebrities, presidents, CEO's of influential companies, thus gaining more influence over everyone through the adulation of people.  

Who is more influential these days than computer developers, congressmen, presidents?  Power goes to one's head.  Wealth lulls a person into thinking they are powerful.  This delusion causes this type of person to think that because they are powerful and wealthy, no matter how they achieved the wealth, they are 'experts' on any subject.  So, a person such as Bill Gates, extremely wealthy because he was once a young computer geek, now thinks he is a philosopher, a moralist.  Such delusion is from the dark side fed to his ego by the dark side which is laughing at us now.  But not for long!   

I am neither wealthy or powerful and have suffered much in this world, and I would not trade places with Bill Gates for all the money that he has, although donations to Global Rumblings, intending to spread the light to wake us up, are gratefully welcomed.  Thank you.


Bill Gates: Depopulate World by 1 BILLION!
First, just imagine if a conservative Republican were to say something like this. What if a conservative Christian suggested we "depopulate" the world of a billion leftists? Would that not be the top news story for the rest of the year?

So this Global Warming Hoax Kool-Aid Drinker, Bill Gates, one of the wealthiest leftists in the world (but to be fair, until I saw this, I didn't realize just how far left he had drifted), suggests that we reduce global population by a billion, that it will save the planet...where is the outrage?

First, here's the 720p HD video clip:


If this weren't Bill Gates, I would be asking "Is this guy for real??" But it IS Bill Gates, and you don't become a Deca-Billionaire by spouting off crazy stuff like this.


Bill Gates has left God out of the equation. For a smart man, it appears he has shallow thinking.  God has limitless energy, knowledge, and compassion.



Bill Gates is a member of the Club of Rome,  a group of 300 elitists who truly believe that,  which is the primary group that came up with the wonderful idea of Agenda 21,  the "program",  so to speak,  by which the UN plans to bring about the various conditions that are most advantagous to them.  The Club of Rome has other noteworthy members,  including Maurice Strong  (whose brainchild this whole thing was),  "spooky dude" George Soros,  Bill Clinton,  Jimmy Carter,  Al Gore,  Kissinger,  Brzenzski  (never could spell that right..),  as well as some surprising members  (His Holiness The Dalai Lama,  Robert Redford,  Depack Chapko,  Marianne Williamson),  many UN and corporate big shots,  various members of royal families from Europe,  members of the European Union,  and many others...   It was decided that convincing the people of global warming would be an excellent way to get people to agree to many policy changes needed to implement this plan...  It would take a "crisis" of that magnitude to persuade people that,  for the good of the planet,  certain changes were going to have to be made  (for the good of all,  naturally...).   This is well documented,  but I haven't actually seen a member discuss the need for depopulation on video  (I wonder where Mr. Gates gave this little speech of his - it would be interesting to know).

The program was officially signed on to for the United States by,  I believe,  Bill Clinton  (though Bush Sr. started it) and includes removal of property, gaining control of all land and water through the Wildlands Project...  in short,  bringing about the New World Order using Sustainable Development.  It started way before that,  in the beginning of the Progressive Era,  with the famous meeting at Jekyl Island.  Fabian Socialists and others played a part in the philosophical birth of this nice little plan.  Of course education  (oh - I meant to say propagandizing of the population) was and is a key factor in order for this plan to work.  And,  yes,  the ultimate goal is severe depopulate,  to be brought about by various means.  This has been going on for a very long time,  and they've come a long way,  Baby!  Look at all the "great" work Planned Parenthood has already done,  as well as the fantastic work to finance and organize abortions in Third World countries!   Little by little they've been working on their Agenda,  and when Obama was elected,  the pace started to accelerate rapidly.  Every town in the country has committees devoted to the implementation of Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development,  and policies are quietly being made on all levels,  from local to national to international.  Of course national sovereignty has to go.  By the way,  every member of the US Congress is well aware of Agenda 21  (which is NOT,  by any means,  to say that every member agrees with it and many are trying to fight it,  thank goodness - but not enough).

Yes..  Obamacare was THE biggie in terms of implementing this plan in the US  (socialized medicine is already in place in Britain and Europe and most (all?) developed nations.   Codex Alimentarius is a large component of it,  and the passing of our "Food Safety Act"  (the epitomy of a sick oxymoronic title) will help out a lot as the population will face severe food shortages and the foods that will be  (in large part already are) available to us will not supply the needed nutrients to sustain life.

As I said before,  this has all been documented,  and it is known by many,  including ALL members of the US Congress.
Interestingly,  I know a friend who once met Hon Newt Gingrich,  who denied any knowledge of Agenda 21.  Michele Bachmann,  on the other hand,  when asked about the subject at a Republican fundraiser,  actually gave a little talk about it to the principled patriots at the function!   It's widely known,  but not exactly advertised  (although there is a big push for the need for "green" projects and the present First Lady  (oh,  it hurts to even say that) is happy to educate the public about the need for more "healthy" eating...  There are endless examples of this sort of thing.

Much of the information related to Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development can be found at several websites;  two that I particiularly like are:


Just in case anyone wanted to see some of this fascinating information about the plans for our lives  (or,  for most of us,  the lack of our lives...).

Cheerio!!   Happy hunting,  everyone!

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  1. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Are you serious? All he said was that by using vaccines we can limit population growth. With vaccines fewer babies die of diseases and mothers eventually give birth to fewer children (in countries with high mortality number of children per family is high to compensate for early death which generally leads to fast growing populations). Curing diseases with vaccines to bring countries out of poverty is not only the most important issue of our time, it is also very basic, you guys need to do some reading. Best of luck.


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