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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Possible Ebola Popping up Everywhere in U.S.

Health officials tried to present a unified front of both preparedness and reassurance. (Source: MGN Online)

Suspected cases of Ebola popping up all across America

(NaturalNews) The narrow window for containing Ebola in the U.S. has likely already closed, says Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. During a recent interview with Dave Hodges, host of The Common Sense Show, Adams reveals fresh insights into the Ebola outbreak, explaining that the threat of a widespread pandemic is now upon us all.
The mainstream media is currently focusing almost exclusively on the Dallas Ebola victim, tracking the various identification and containment efforts taking place there. But other reports suggest that possible Ebola cases are also popping up in places like Portland, Oregon; New York City; New Jersey; Arizona and elsewhere.

If these reports are corroborated, this would suggest that Ebola is already sweeping the U.S. and that it is only a matter of time before our nation succumbs to the same fate as West Africa. Based on how the sitting regime in Washington, D.C., has handled the outbreak thus far, it would appear that our country is on the brink of a horrific scenario such as this.

This is mostly due to the fact that the federal government and health authorities have done absolutely nothing to prevent the spread of Ebola in the U.S. The southern border with Mexico is still wide open; air travel to and from West Africa continues, and basic safety precautions with regard to containment and decontamination are being completely ignored.

All of these factors and more are fueling a perfect storm for Ebola to sweep the nation, suggests Adams, and the Obama Administration seems completely unconcerned about any of this. Americans are being told to just sit back and relax -- we've got this! -- as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) salivates in anticipation of payday.

The agency owns the patent on the Ebola virus, after all, which means royalty payments every time a person who contracts the illness is treated for it. In essence, the CDC stands to profit from a major Ebola outbreak here on American soil, hence its apparent lack of concern about preventing the virus from reaching every major city in the country.

 From: Jonathan Benson, staff writer

Ebola crisis leaves Dallas a city on edge

Posted: Oct 08, 2014 1:17 AM EDT
Associated Press
DALLAS (AP) - Dallas is a city on edge as public-health officials wait to see if any of the people who may have been exposed to Ebola develop symptoms of the deadly disease.
Several residents of the neighborhood where a Liberian man emerged as the first U.S.-diagnosed Ebola case told city officials they had been sent home from work. Some community volunteers shunned a nearby after-school program. And the hospital at the epicenter of fear acknowledged for the first time that some patients were staying away.
Health officials tried to present a unified front of both preparedness and reassurance, almost two weeks after the Liberian man who brought Ebola into the U.S. first developed symptoms.
"This is a very critical week," said Dr. David Lakey, the Texas health commissioner. "We're at a very sensitive period when a contact could develop symptoms. We're monitoring with extreme vigilance."
Public health officials are watching for any signs of Ebola's spread. Ten of the 48 people being monitored are confirmed to have had close contact with Thomas Eric Duncan, who died Wednesday after being hospitalized for more than a week. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says people infected by the virus can begin showing symptoms of Ebola eight to 10 days after exposure. Duncan first sought care at a hospital emergency room on Sept. 25 and was admitted three days later.
Tensions have surfaced.
Dallas City Councilwoman Jennifer Staubach Gates said three residents of Vickery Meadow reported that their employers sent them away from work out of fear that they could be carrying the virus. Gates said Tuesday that she had contacted a lawyer to help those men.
The city has also enlisted doctors to explain Ebola to neighborhood residents and assure them that they are safe, Gates said. Vickery Meadow is home to thousands of immigrants from Afghanistan to Mexico, many of whom do not speak English.

It's just beginning, folks.

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