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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tropical Storm Heads Backwards! to hit Vancouver,BC

Vancouver/Pacific Northwest Braces for "Tropical Storm Ana"--Landfall by Mon/Tues?

Thank you to TheOracle'sCookieGodlike Productions Forum Oct. 26, 2014
"Have a cookie--The Matrix Oracle"

10/26/2014 -- Tropical Storm "Ana" to hit VANCOUVER - British Columbia Canada!

Hurricane "Ana", which grazed Hawaii as a Category 1 storm, has made a strong turn BACK to the Northeast.. being pulled by a large low pressure system far to the North, the storm has held together on the leading edge of the low, and is now set to hit near Vancouver British Columbia Canada!

We don't see tropical systems come this far North very much in the Pacific.
The last actual named storm to hit was in 2007... they called it the "Great Coastal Gale"

Well...we have been watching all of the x-class
flares going off from the sun--and the spin-off
effects look to be the energizing and turning
of Hawaii's Hurricane Ana, now a "Tropical Storm"
with a trajectory toward the U.S.A./Canada coasts.

Weather models look for it to reach landfall in
the Vancouver, BC area in approx. 72 hours
(or by Monday or Tuesday, but that could change given 
the current solar storms! You can even see the little
red arc that appears in Dutchsince's weather model
which was the impulse of the X-class 3 we had! Wow!

HURRICANE ANA Update Sat, 18th


Looks to be an interesting week ahead!
If you are in the Pacific Northwest, be watching
your local weather reports.

Here is general 4-minute news from "Suspicious Observers"
--he does mention the Tropical Storm Ana with graphics
as well. He starts talking about it at approx 2:00 min.
mark in the video. Also points out some very wierd
cloud formations--these also appeared during X-class 3
flares back in 2011 and the cloud formations were in
utube videos before the Japan quake and tsunami 2011!

X Flares Continue,  Ionosphere Disruption | S0 News  October 26, 2014

Re: Vancouver/Pacific Northwest Braces for "Tropical Storm Ana"--Landfall by Mon/Tues?
Surely unprecedented. I can't think of another time where a tropical cyclone maintained (sub)tropical characteristics that high up there
From Oracle's Cookie:
There is a new theory called the "Uh Yen Theory"
coming out of the Suspicious Observers site.
Has to do with a correlation between severe storms
and solar flares. We've had some really off-the
-wall solar flares all week with a sun spot which 
is said to be the largest in 24 years...That's
saying something!

Seems like all bets are off with trying to predict
what's next! Just stay in touch with your local
weather station and stock up on some extra supplies
in case you lose power or have trouble with
transportation. Could get very wet!

A siege of Pacific storms will continue to drench and blast the coastal Northwest into this week and will be joined by Ana. The rounds of heavy rain will be enough to cause incidents of flash flooding, mudslides and travel delays from northern California to western Oregon, western Washington and southwestern British Columbia.

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