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Sunday, October 12, 2014

NBC News Crew Forced into Mandatory Quarantine

NBC medical correspondent and her crew ordered into quarantine over Ebola fears: Team who worked with sick cameraman Ashoka Mukpo isolated in Jersey after they 'broke voluntary quarantine'
  • New Jersey officials issued a mandatory quarantine order for the NBC crew

  • The group was exposed to Ebola after their colleague got it this month
  • Those forced into quarantine include medical reporter Nancy Snyderman
  • The order came after the crew violated a voluntary isolation agreement 
  • NBC said the team was deemed low-risk upon its return from Liberia
  • But it fully supports the precautions being put in place to ensure safety

Tweet: Snyderman tweeted from Liberia describing a report scheduled for NBC about a woman with EbolaĀ 

Officials confirmed that the order went into effect yesterday. 
Yet, the state Health Department insists that the crew remains symptom-free and there is no reason for concern of exposure to the deadly virus to the community. 
It comes as new medical screenings are rolled out at airports across the United States to stem the spread of the disease.
Anybody flying from western Africa who has a fever will be interviewed to see whether they have had contact with an Ebola sufferer, and from there can be quarantined if necessary. 
The NBC group was reporting on the Ebola outbreak for NBC News in Liberia when Mukpo was diagnosed with the deadly virus just a day after he was hired to work on the team. 

See also: Journalist Mukpo's insurance does not cover the Ebola treatment!

High-tech: This is how the advanced thermometers will work without putting public health workers at risk


NBC News crew forced to undergo mandatory qurantine after being expsed to a cameraman with Ebola | Daily Mail Online:

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