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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

MASSIVE Solar Storm to Hit Earth,Signs: Sun, UFO'S,

*RAW* Nasa Warns Massive Solar MAX Storm to hit earth in 2014 -2015

INFONewsFrom Raw Info News
Nasa warns super solar flare to hit earth in late 2014 
Nasa has updated it's report over that last couple of years, they are now saying that solar cycle 24 will be doubled peaked and is offering Earth one heck of a show.
STORM COULD PEAK in 2014-2015
Please, keep in mind that this video is from last year. Yes, this video is old. But not old news. This video has one purpose; that purpose is to give general knowledge into our current solar sycle and the VERY REAL distructive force of Solar Flares. Please be aware of our current solar cycle and take precautions in case of the event of a Super Solar Storm to hit Earth.

NASA has in fact updated in reports throughout the years and now say's that our cycle is a double cycle which if correct could be as bad as the Halloween outbreak of 2003 or worse. That one was not earth directed. Thank GOD!
NASA Satellites & Telescopes are all breaking or getting defunded. Epoxi Satellite. DEAD. Goes EVE Infrared. Dead. STEREO-B. DEAD.

Anyone sensing a pattern here? If not you can just read at the writing on the wall.

Crazy days indeed.

God bless Everyone,

Stay cool.

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Signs In The Sun: Six Major Solar Flares Erupt From Largest Sunspot In Decades

by ICA
The sunspot responsible for the solar flares this week is the largest we've seen in 24 years. The largest sunspot on record, however, took place in 1947 -- a significant year for what was to become the State of Israel ...
Luke 21:25, “And there will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars; and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring …”
CNet - "Since October 19, an active region of the sun has been getting busy. Dubbed AR 12192, the region is the largest sunspot in 24 years -- and most certainly the largest of this solar cycle, which is currently at maximum. In the space of a week, AR 12192 -- nearly 129,000 kilometres (80,000 miles) across, big enough for 10 Earths to be laid across its diameter -- has ..." Read more.

A global surge of great earthquakes from 2004-2014 and implications for Cascadia

Oct 21, 2014
Aerial photo of the San Andreas Fault in the Carrizo Plain, northwest of Los Angeles. Credit: Wikipedia.
The last ten years have been a remarkable time for great earthquakes. Since December 2004 there have been no less than 18 quakes of Mw8.0 or greater – a rate of more than twice that seen from 1900 to mid-2004. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost and massive damage has resulted from these great earthquakes. But as devastating as such events can be, these recent great quakes have come with a silver lining: They coincide with unprecedented advances in technological and scientific capacity for learning from them.
"We previously had very limited information about how ruptures grow into great earthquakes and interact with regions around them," said seismologist Thorne Lay of the University of California at Santa Cruz. "So we are using the recorded data for these recent events to guide our understanding of future earthquakes. We've gained a new level of appreciation for how one earthquake can influence events in other zones."
High on the list of areas ripe for a great quake is Cascadia, the Pacific Northwest, where the risk for great quakes had long been under appreciated. Evidence began surfacing about 20 years ago that there had been a great quake in the region in the year 1700. Since then the view of the great quake risk in Cascadia has shifted dramatically.



Published on Oct 26, 2014


For photos visit my blog at
+Terrance James Well said Terrance. There is surely something affecting the whole solar system imho...e.g. if this continues each year..we may have a rough idea of where this is per Maya and Hopi
'Earth-sized' UFO orbiting Sun reported: New photos captured by NASA shows image

UFO the size of the Earth was observed entering or exiting the sun this weekend, which is seen in a series of pictures taken by NASA/SOHO states the latest report from UFO watchers. According to UFO Sights Daily on Oct. 25, the pictures of the sun are checked daily by the website’s monitor and what they saw in a picture on Friday is quite large.

Earth size space craft seen orbiting and landing on Sun in NASA/SOHO pictures?

The spaceship, which would be the size of the Earth when compared in size to the sun, is solid and it doesn’t give off any flames or heat exchanges. This heat and flame-like action is going on all around the image on the sun’s surface. According to the website, Russian scientists alerted the world to UFO’s that enter the Sun’s orbit about five years ago.
This isn’t the first time a space ship has been reported orbiting the sun, though this latest captured image is humongous in comparison to most of the other reports. Live Sciencereported what looked like a spaceship back in April of 2012. It was another NASA picture that captured this image. This is just one of many.
The spacecraft reports that came from the Russians were said to often make a hard right angle turn and then a quick change in speed. This latest report is believed to be one of those ships. There is something in that picture the shape of a shark’s fin and extremely large. If you put an image of Earth next to the sun and that so-called ship captured in the picture, the ship would be as large as the Earth. The time-lapse NASA/SOHO pictures appear here.
20141029_0113_eit195_512.jpg (512√ó512)

A spaceship the size of Earth is almost impossible to fathom, that means they have a ship that’s the size of this world that they travel with. This would be like having a self-contained world, would it not? One of the first things that comes to mind when this ship is seen landing or exiting the sun is how does it withstand the heat?

They would have to be an exceptionally advanced civilization to create a material strong enough to ward of heat and fire damage as well as keep any living thing inside such a craft safe from the excruciating hot temperatures
According to the temperature on the Sun varies, but it can reach 27 million degrees Fahrenheit or 15 million degrees Celsius. That kind of heat would incinerate any known material from a far distance away. Not to mention the radiation the sun gives off.
The object appears on the NASA picture so there’s no doubt that something was on the sun the size of the Earth and it didn’t turn to vapor as one might expect from the extreme heat. Was it a camera glitch? If not what type of life could fly not only near the sun but actually fly into the sun and appear to land?

Another one:

How can we tell the distance to then tell the size of this triangle, looks closer to the photographing device than the sun because three dome shapes on it are clearly visible.

its impossible to know the distance from the triangle to the sun, this is TR3B.
Its (triangle/TR3B) most probable close to the camera,
The triangle/TR3B has as usual 3 orbs, 

'Earth-sized' UFO orbiting Sun reported: New photos captured by NASA shows image - Hartford Top News |

Friday, October 24, 2014

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

MONSTER SUNSPOT turning toward Earth

 The biggest sunspot of the current solar 
cycle is turning toward Earth

Published on Oct 22, 2014
Strong M8,7 Class Solar Flare

MONSTER SUNSPOT: The biggest sunspot of the current solar
cycle is turning toward Earth

Your World is Erupting, Hundreds of Volcanoes

Weather Service stops receiving satellite data, issues notice about forecast quality

2:18 p.m. update, Thursday: It appears that some satellite imagery has been restored, but that the feed of satellite data used for models remains somewhat incomplete. “The last update I received was that we are not yet fully restored, but there has been some improvement in datasets for the models,” said Chris Vaccaro, National Weather Service spokesperson. A technical notice from the National Weather Service stated the “majority” of satellite data has become available for the models. Read more: Washington Post
Welcome to a little taste of the future, when the US underinvestment in weather satellites and supporting infrastructure catches up to us with a vengeance. This is not a problem of priorities, but is a problem of inability of the Administration and the Congress to set and fund the real priority functions of our government.

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