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Sunday, October 05, 2014

UPDATE: ALERT:Miami Florida-Child may have Ebola

MIAMI -- A boy under the age of 18 who traveled to South Florida from West Africa and fell ill with flu-like symptoms has tested negative for Ebola.
On Monday morning, Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine said that a test performed on the boy by a Florida Department of Health lab came back negative for Ebola. 
He added that another sample is being sent to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta for confirmation.

Miami Beach (CBSMiami) – A sick child from West Africa has been taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital out of a precaution due to flu-like symptoms. 

West African child hospitalized locally amid Ebola concerns

Posted: Oct 05, 2014 5:14 PM EDT 

A sick person under the age of 18 who traveled to the U.S. from West Africa has been admitted to two South Florida hospitals Sunday, sources said.
According to a source, the child was reportedly visiting South Florida and was in the area for some time. The source added that it is unlikely the child's illness is Ebola.
The patient was admitted to Mount Sinai Medical Center around 3 a.m., where doctors said they are not taking any chances and taking every precaution.
Around 3:30 p.m., Miami Beach Fire Rescue crews, some of whom were wearing hazmat suits, prepared an ambulance, reportedly to transport the child to Holtz Children's Hospital, near Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. He reportedly arrived there around 5 p.m.
Crews said, in the hour leading to the child's transport, authorities and officials were spotted gearing up in hazmat suits to prepare for the patient's arrival.
At Miami-Dade Health Department in Doral, health officials are expected to release more information about the child and his condition.
Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine told 7News it is highly unlikely the child has Ebola. "We have a young person on vacation with his family who didn't feel good in the middle of the night, was admitted to Mount Sinai, and the abundance of caution, everything we do ... to make sure we're checking everything," he said.
"It's highly unlikely that there's anything more here than a flu," Levine continued, "but we want to be very proactive, very progressive."
Levine declined to give any more details about the child's symptoms, but said, "From what we have been told from the Florida Department of Health and the [Centers for Disease Control], very, very, extremely low risk."
Speaking with 7News on Wednesday, Dr. Abdul Memon, Chief Medical Officer for Disaster and Emergency Preparedness at JMH, said, "It is possible in the long run, there may be a couple of [local Ebola] cases."
However, Memon stressed there is no need to worry, saying he is prepared for such a scenario. "This is the hospital's gear," he said as he took the protective clothing from plastic bags.
Medical staff dealing with potential Ebola patients would be requited to put on a gown that no liquid can pass through. Goggles cover their eyes and masks go over their noses and mouths. Even their shoes are covered to prevent infection.
Memon said all patients coming into his emergency room and trauma center are asked their travel history. If they say they have been to an Ebola-plagued country, they will be screened for the virus.


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